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Jonathan Moyo exposes Charamba's secret past

by Staff reporter
21 May 2018 at 15:03hrs | Views
Jonathan Moyo promised to post online a comprehensive thread revealing details about George Charamba (author of UNDER THE EAVES) and other hitherto unknown details about him.

Below are posts done by Prof Moyo via his Twitter handle:

Y'all called it right. The author of "UNDER THE EAVES with Igomombe" in @HeraldZimbabwe on Saturdays is good ol' chicken George Charamba. It's a doomed reincarnation of "THE OTHER SIDE with Nathaniel Manheru". A case of the old resurfacing as new, like the NEW DISPENSATION!

Charamba justifies pseudonyms in media columns on grounds that they keep the focus on arguments & not the author. But this has never applied to him. Whether his pseudonym is MANHERU or IGOMOMBE doesn't matter, his style is invariably ad hominem; with no ARGUMENTS OR IDEAS!

AN EARLY WARNING TO GEORGE CHARAMBA: You did the Nathaniel Manheru column under the old constitution. Zimbabwe adopted a new Constitution in 2013. Don't be stupid. Take care. The stuff you wrote about Mutamangira is garbage. There's unimpeachable evidence aliunde. Shut up!

George Charamba is a civil servant. Yet he acts like a politician & is now tackling opposition politicians "UNDER THE EAVES" on behalf of #ZanuPF & its causes in blatant violation of s200 of the new Constitution which came into full effect on 22/8/13. The law will visit him!

Before he is visited by the law sooner or later, whatever Charamba believes about Mnangagwa's or Chiwenga's control of the judiciary, it is necessary & only right that Charamba's unconstitutional #ZanuPF participation in politics be dealt with politically; hence this thread!

Charamba struts like a peacock in the media & the civil service & masquerades as the voice of the system ("nhuta") to the disgust of other permanent secretaries whose disdain of him is legendary. He imagines he has influence in the media, yet the sector is scornful of him!

For all his strutting peacock antics as the "voice of the system" (yes, the nhuta voice), Charamba is utterly useless in real politik. In 2008 he produced a crap #ZanuPF manifesto & went OWL as #JuntaPF produced a voodoo 2018 manifesto, claiming 4,5m jobs created since 2013!

Perhaps one telling example of how useless Charamba is in the world of real politik is the widespread ridicule he has invited upon Chiwenga by writing speeches full of English words that poor Chiwenga can't pronounce like this👇🏿 case at the launch of the voodoo manifesto!

While he still fancies himself as presidential spokesperson, a title he gave himself ages ago when it did not exist in the public service, he's been frozen out of presidential communication by a team of young media consultants that confined him to his hotel room at #Davos!

Yet to be released are hateful press briefs that Charamba used to give to President Mugabe at a regular senior staff briefing to the president that met & took decisions every Monday. Charamba used to be the most vocal, most alarmist & his briefs incite the arrests of many!

Despite the affection Charamba faked for President Mugabe, the untold truth is that he in fact has a longstanding personal grudge against President Mugabe, and especially Amai Mugabe, connected to the misfortunes of a Ms Kadungure, Charamba's relative. Let him say nyoo!

Charamba--one of 4 civil servants that violated their fiduciary duties & committed treason by aiding & abetting the illegal 15 Nov coup--is now fair game since he has entered the 2018 election campaign. When did Charamba join the public service to do what over the years?

If you consult @Wikipedia or @WeArePindula you'll be fooled into thinking that George Charamba's public service career started in 2000. Also missing is the that he's a karate kid with a black belt to his name. The only known victims of his karate savagery are women in his life!

In 1984 George Charamba joined the Public Service, as a Press Officer, in the Ministry of Information, Post & Telecommunication Services.

From 1984 to 1987 George Charamba was seconded as Press Secretary to then President of Zimbabwe, Rev. Canaan Sodindo Banana. Charamba was Banana's closest officer. Among many as yet untold tasks, he was instrumental in helping Banana compile & edit TURMOIL & TENACITY!

TURMOIL & TENACITY: ZIMBABWE, 1890-1990 is a must-read on the country's state politics. Charamba's finger prints & prejudices, which he still exhibits, are all over the text. Mnangagwa hates the book because of the truth told about him in late Dr N Shamuyarira's chapter!

For the record, an excellent review of TURMOIL & TENACITY was done by the late Professor Masipula Sithole under the title, "Turmoil and Tenacity: A Review Essay in the journal: Zambezia, Volume 18, Issue 2, Jan 1991, pp. 143-152. It's a great read!

After Banana's office was abolished following the 1987 Unity Accord, George Charamba was redeployed in 1988 to be an Assistant Secretary to deputise Mrs Linda Chihuri, nee Sadza, in President Mugabe's Information Unit.

The working relationship between George Charamba & Mrs Chihuri was hell on earth. Poison. Charamba could not stomach being supervised by a woman with what he saw as "inferior" vocabulary. So in 1993 he was transferred to the President's Secretariat until the end of 1994.

In 1995 the British govt identified George Charamba as a "rising bureaucrat" & recruited him with an award of the Chevening scholarship. He used it to full effect in terms of making Albion contacts, widening & deepening his wordsmith skills from Shakespearean archives!

In 1996 Charamba returned armed with Albion's jawbreakers he used to razzle & dazzle his way to become Director of Information in OPC. The late Bornwell Chakaodza, as Information Director in the Information Ministry, reduced Charamba into writing letters to the editor!

In 2000, after the the no vote won in the constitutional referendum, the late Dr Utete asked me to propose a new structure to manage govt information. I proposed the scrapping of information ministry & establishment of an information dept in Ofiice of President & Cabinet!

In July 2000, a Dept of information & publicity was established in OPC & I was appointed Minister of State to head it at Cabinet level. Charamba was promoted to Permanent Secretary in that Dept which was abolished in 2005 after Tsholotsho debacle. The rest is history!

A lingering & troublesome issue out of George Charamba's public service yet to be told revolves around his intense Banana years between 1984 and 1987, when he served as Banana's Press Secretary & closest aide. History does not forget. And it does not lie!

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