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Grace Mugabe, Chamisa 'same WhatsApp group'

by Tinomudaishe Chinyoka
22 May 2018 at 05:16hrs | Views
THERE was a time when former president Robert Mugabe said Nelson Chamisa was a "supersonic" minister. Some have speculated why this was so, given that Chamisa was from the opposition.

It has been suggested that this was because Chamisa was/is in business with the Gushungos, namely that it is his trucks that provide logistical support to the former first family's dairy business.

This has always been denied by Chamisa's people, though not necessarily because they are in the know, but because as often happens, supporters make denials for those they admire out of wishful thinking than facts. The truth is we don't know if he is in business with them or not, and given his record of late, we wouldn't be none the wiser if he denied it.

Grace Mugabe

But, looking at events in the recent past, l posit that there is a perfectly rational explanation for the oldman's due regard for Dr Nero. In the young man, Mugabe would have seen many of the same qualities as those possessed by his wife Grace.

It was death of our dear First Lady, Sarah Hayfron, loved by many and missed by a nation that catapulted Grace Marufu from a secretary to the first lady.

And it was the death of Learnmore Jongwe that made Chamisa Kuwadzana MP, and the death of Tsvangirai that has brought him the MDC presidency, albeit a disputed one.

Death, it seems, was good for both of them. And like Elisha inheriting a double portion of Elijah's blessing, Chamisa has been doubly fortunate in this way.

Neither Grace nor Chamisa have in any way been accused of complicity in these deaths, of course. That would just be absurd.

In 2017, the nation endured the so-called "Interface Rallies", a series of auditions for Grace Marufu Mugabe to showcase herself as a president-in-waiting, which really ought to be called instead an "Insultathon': littered as they were with Mnangagwa-bashing themes.

Had the army not intervened, Grace anga aenda nenyika.

Fast forward to 2018, and Chamisa is going around the country, rent-a-crowds in tow, and treats his audience to, you guessed it, Mnangagwa-bashing themes. There might be no ice-cream served to the President at these rallies (as he customarily does not attend MDC rallies) but the tenor of the language is the same.

Mnangagwa, it turns out, is regarded very lowly by Grace and Chamisa. His audiences listen and ululate when Chamisa gets into his groove, and their friends on "sosho media" gush that Chamisa aenda nenyika.

Grace went around to these rallies with a man in a wheelchair, telling all and sundry that this man was brought to this state by President Mnangagwa. There was never a police report, nor are the police summoned to arrest the perpetrator (attempted murder has no statute of limitations), but the lie was repeated over and over, because it didn't need to be true in order to be damaging. Mnangagwa you see, was dangerous, even though he was usually sat very close to Grace at these rallies – certainly close enough to get that ice-cream.

Fast forward to 2018, and Chamisa goes around with his friend who has one arm. It is claimed that Mnangagwa did this to him, in 2008. The people look at this young man and are pained at a life damaged, by Mnangagwa. Only a few know that as far back as the days when Learnmore Jongwe was still a student leader at this UZ, this same boy was campaigning to be in the SRC, with his one hand, and has been very vocal in disability rights circles since the late 1990s. With his one hand missing. The lie is not unknown to Chamisa: they worked together with this disabled fellow in Zinasu. But who cares, if the truth gets in the way of a good Mnangagwa-bashing, to hell with the truth.

Ask Charamba or Kazembe Kazembe how they were attacked by Grace Mugabe. Grown men reduced to children, kutukwa sebenzi rasvipira mutsime. Their crime? They were perceived as liking Mnangagwa more than Grace.

Then dial up to 2018, and ask Catriona Lang, the British Ambassador, how she has been subjected to withering insults from Chamisa's camp. Her crime? She is perceived as liking Mnangagwa more than Chamisa.

When Mai Mujuru needed to go, Grace went around saying how evil she was, and Mnangagwa was then not in her crosshairs. She attended his investiture as Vice President. That was before she went around questioning his role in the liberation war or in zanu-pf or in Government, or anywhere.

To the MDC, Mnangagwa needs to go. It is now par for the course that Chamisa and his cohorts call the current Government a coup government. It is illegitimate, and they are coming to remove that stain from our country's landscape, because God himself is in it. Yet, both Chamisa and Tsvangirai attended President Mnangagwa's inauguration. For a "coup" government?

Chamisa took the Zuva case brief and shafted workers with his three months notice thing, and the response to criticism of a leader of a party founded by workers doing this is what? Because family must eat. It is up to him to feed the family.

When one looks at these similarities, one should then not be surprised at how the campaign is going. The new dispensation brought one new leader, but it (and death) replaced a pretender to the presidency with another one. The most insidious aspect of that chastening BBC HardTalk is not that Chamisa lied, we know he does that. It is not that he failed to articulate a single policy: we know they don't have any. Rather, it is this: that when faced with the lie about Trump promising him $15 billion if he wins, Chamisa tried to blame other people for making that claim. Until reminded there was a video.

When Grace was accused of assaulting a girl in Johannesburg, her first reply through her people was to deny there had ever been a scuffle. Until there was a video of the injuries.

Source - the herald