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Mnangagwa plots to rig on an industrial scale, says Jonathan Moyo

by Ndou Paul
13 Jun 2018 at 14:13hrs | Views
Former Higher Education minister Jonathan Moyo has said that Mnangagwa's candidacy on July 30 is illegitimate not only because he's a product of a military coup but also because he was the brutal chief enforcer of what he has described as the old order for 38 years.

Below are Jonathan Moyo's Tweets:

1/14 Mnangagwa's candidacy on July 30 is illegitimate not only because he's a product of a military coup but also because he was the brutal CHIEF ENFORCER of what he has described as the OLD ORDER for 38 years. The ENFORCER can't be the REFORMER!

2/14 As the Chief ENFORCER for 38 years, Mnangagwa was used by the Army's Command Element, which is leading his election bid, as the ugly face behind atrocities such as #Gukurahundi, the looting of #DRC minerals & $15Bn of Chiadzwa diamonds!

3/14 Mnangagwa has crafted an appeasement strategy, that targets the business & international communities based on a disinformation scheme, learnt from British intelligence in his CIO days, whose design is to SAY right things & DO the opposite!

4/14 In January at #Davos, Mnangagwa lied to the world through the #BBC that unlike in the OLD ORDER, in which he was the CHIEF ENFORCER, Govt no longer runs elections as they are now run by #ZEC. This was disinformation since Govt runs #ZEC!

5/14 Asked by the #BBC at #Davos in January if @EU & @UN election MONITORS will be invited Mnangagwa lied by confusing OBSERVERS who see little, not everywhere & do nothing with MONITORS who must see all, everywhere & correct wrongs on the spot!

6/14 In the first 20 years of the OLD ORDER, when Mnangagwa was the CHIEF ENFORCER, Govt ran elections through the Registrar General under an ad hoc Election Directorate & Electoral Supervisory Commission that had Election MONITORS as observers!

7/14 #ZEC run by Govt to run elections is not set up in terms of the Constitution. Most of its full time staff are former or current Army, CIO & ZRP. ALL of TECHNICAL staff is 100% from security organs & ALL polling officers are civil servants!

8/14 On the back of the Nov coup, and the fact that Zimbabwe is under military rule, it's unreasonable to expect a Govt run #ZEC to run free, fair & credible elections. With securocrats managing its TECHNICAL operations, #ZEC is a rigging tool!

9/14 While s235 of the Constitution says #ZEC should "protect the sovereignty of the people" & s233 says it should "promote transparency & accountability", proof Govt runs #ZEC is the failure by #ZEC to bring to order Rugeje, Hungwe & Mukupe!

10/14 #ZEC's has turned deaf & blind to #ZanuPF's threat to "repeat June 2008" (see clip), if the Army run party loses the election on 30 July. Unlike the Rugeje, Hungwe & Mukupe rants, this threat was made on 6 June, AFTER election proclamation!

11/14 The plot is to rig on an industrial scale. The rigging is centered on (1) Manipulation of the BVR Voters Roll; (2) Manipulation of Polling Stations by #ZEC technical staff from security organs & (3) Army intimidation of voters in villages!

12/14 Govt has seconded to #ZEC a team of Chinese BVR & cyber experts from the People's Liberation Army linked to a top Chinese university. Their remit is to manipulate the voters roll through shadowy & virtual polling stations & fake voters!

13/14 Chinese team seeks to manipulate the BVR system & create virtual polling stations to guarantee victory for Mnangagwa, whose appeasement strategy of disinformation would be used by UK govt to justify declaring the poll free, fair & credible!

14/14 Some 11 days after BVR closed for 2018 poll & a day before sitting of Nomination Court #ZEC continues to deny the opposition access to the roll, yet it has given #ZanuPF hard copies. #ZEC has always done this & I can confirm it under oath.

Source - Byo24News

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