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Mliswa dissed for buying mum a $8.50 cake

by Social media
20 Jun 2018 at 11:53hrs | Views
Outspoken Norton legislator Temba Mliswa has been dissed for buying his mother a $8.50 cake for her birthday while he has been hiring graders, lorries and buy bricks for thousands of dollars for his election campaign.

Said Mliswa, "HAPPY 73rd Birthday to my Mum. Thank you Mum for all you are and all you've taught me. Spent some time with her today in celebration. It's been almost a year since dad passed on & as the 1st born son it's important for me to fill in the gap especially on days like this."

Below are some of the comments:

"You hire a graders, lorries and buy bricks for thousands of dollars for your election campaign then a $5 cake at OK shops for your mother? The lightning that will strike you is still doing press-ups in the Vumba mountains. Repent."

"Its good but next time stop printing campaigning material and buy your mom a better cake zve $8.50 here amana."

"Aaah nice. Asiwo kuzotenga cake re $8.34 rekwa OK vakomana. Politicians! Just full of a cheating mind even to your own mum. Musadaro sure!"

"With that cheap cake from Spar ,honestly you are so pathetic. You busy spending Westwood money on Norton people but u can't buy yo mum a decent cake. I feel pity for those who are going to vote for u.Charity begins at home ,but not for you."

"You can do better Hon 🤣 Black forest here re $10 prove that u a better man on fathers Day to that old lady Hon."

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