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Democratic space allows more to contest, says: Phulu

by Staff reporter
07 Jul 2018 at 09:11hrs | Views
PEOPLE'S Democratic Party (PDP) deputy president Mr Kucaca Phulu has said the opening up of the democratic space in the country under President Mnangagwa is creating room for more people to run for public office.

Mr Phulu, who is the MDC Alliance candidate for Nkulumane Constituency in Bulawayo, is running against 14 other candidates and is confident of winning the race. For the first time in history, 23 candidates will contest the Presidential race while 1 642 will run for National Assembly seats.

In Bulawayo alone, 204 candidates are contesting National Assembly seats. In an interview, Mr Phulu said the opening up of the democratic space is what opposition parties had clamoured for to no avail during Mr Robert Mugabe's era.

"This is a sign that the country's democratic space is opening up. All these candidates who are contesting in the coming elections want to contribute to the development of the country. To me that is very good. I don't know what others might think but this is good for the country," said Mr Phulu.

He said freedom of association has increased while the public media is open to divergent views.Mr Phulu, a lawyer by profession, said he would be best placed to represent Nkulumane Constituency in the promulgation of laws in Parliament while pushing community development under the Constituency Development Fund.

The PDP deputy president said he also wants to be in touch with day to day issues affecting his constituency, in good and bad times.

He said he has represented the people of Bulawayo at so many platforms and being an MP will extend his representational role.Mr Phulu said if elected he would advocate for the transformation of disused beer halls in the constituency to innovation hubs where youths can generate funds through entrepreneurial projects.

"Through my door-to-door campaigns I've observed that there is a lot of creativity among youths. There is Airport Beer Hall that was shut down.

"I would advocate that it be transformed into an innovation hub. There are a lot of artistes in Nkulumane who can use the facility to nurture their talent," he said.

Mr Phulu said he would not be one of those run-away MPs who after being elected are not visible in the constituency, promising to provide feedback meetings with community members.

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