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ZANU PF pastes Killer T gig posters over opposition campaign posters

by Simbarashe Sithole
12 Jul 2018 at 11:39hrs | Views
ZANU PF supporters aligned to Mazowe North Member of Parliament aspiring candidate Campion Mugweni have been accused of pasting their Killer T free gig posters on top of opposition candidates' posters and in some instances tearing them.

According to 152 (1) of the Electoral Act Chapter 2:13 'from the date of which an election is called until its declared, no person shall deface or remove any billboard, placard or poster published posted or displayed by a political party or candidate contesting the election.'

Subsection (3) of the same section stipulates that the person who does so shall be guilty of an offence and liable to fine not exceeding level 10 or imprisonment for a period not exceeding two years or to both such fine and such imprisonment.

Independent candidate Shingirarai Runganga (30) has scoffed at Mugweni's supporters saying they do not understand what a free and fair election is and due to their ignorance some shall be punished by the law.

"Mugweni's people are so uncivilised their leader Mnangagwa is preaching free and fair elections but his people are busy tearing and pasting their Killer T gig posters on top of mine," lamented Runganga.

But tell you what the law is very clear on that most of them shall be punished for their ignorance as you know ignorance has no defence, this should be a free and fair election but where is the fairness when you act in such a silly way."

Another opposition aspiring MP for Mazowe North under CODE Alliance Elias Malukula aka Hwindi Muchawa lamented the tearing of his posters in farms and rural areas in his constituency.

"ZANU-PF is saying there are places where we should not step our foot on they call them no go areas for opposition if we put our posters in places like Luwali, Bikoko, Holland, kubatana and Forester J, Mugweni's people tear them after a few seconds hence the ground is not even hope the observers are noticing," said Malukula.

Mugweni refuted the allegations saying his posters are also being defaced by opposition parties and they are busy hunting for the culprits.

"That is not true, actually my posters are being defaced in most parts of Chiweshe where opposition is claiming to be strong and we are currently hunting for the culprits so that they face the wrath of the law," said Mugweni.

Apparently, Mugweni is hosting Zim Dancehall star Killer T in Mvurwi stadium where he is calling the electorate to attend freely a move that has been seen by the opposition as a desperate measure to get vote.

Source - Byo24News