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Baba Jukwa names Chigumba's Zanu-PF sexual partner

by Ndou Paul
20 Jul 2018 at 11:01hrs | Views
Former Sunday Mail editor and ex-Zanu PF employee, Edmund Kudzayi made sensational claims about her being involved in a sexual relationship with Zanu PF cabinet minister Winston Chitando.

On Friday, the outspoken journalist wrote on his Twitter account that the under-fire ZEC boss was not fit to be in her position as she was having an affair with with Zanu PF cabinet minister.

Said Kudzayi, "Zimbabwe needs men and women of integrity to lead our constitutional bodies. Chigumba is not a woman of integrity or moral conviction. She has proven to be a Zanu PF puppet who was placed in the ZEC chair because, like Mudede and Makarau, she's ready and willing to play ball.
"These allegations expose me to the real possibility of prolonged and expensive legal action. Chigumba and Chitando have the money and influence. I have the truth, which they know. My work has been thorough and I am able and ready to defend it in a court of law, any time.
"Chigumba is a judge of the High Court and she knows the implications of perjuring herself. If she denies and I prove, she is finished. Chigumba knows that her sexual relationship with Chitando is a fact. Her silence in the face of a screaming scandal is a testament to this.

"ZEC chairperson Justice Priscilla Chigumba has a sexual relationship with Zanu PF cabinet minister Winston Chitando. This presents a clear conflict of interest: if Zanu PF loses the election her lover will lose his job. She must do the right thing and resign."

Source - Byo24News