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Aspiring candidate to sue Mugabe and Kasukuwere

by Own Correspondent
29 Jul 2018 at 12:26hrs | Views
Hon Nomboka Javangwe Kurebwa, Aspiring Mhondoro - Ngezi MP
Aspiring young Mhondoro-Ngezi constituency Independent Member of Parliament candidate, Nomboka Kurebwa Javangwe, who was recently ousted from the MDC Alliance, has since vowed to continue representing the rights of workers and the poor in his constituency and is on record that he will sue both former Zimbabwe President Cde Robert Gabriel Mugabe and former Minister of Local Government Cde Saviuor Kasukuwere over allegations of swindling more than USD$10 million from the Mhondoro-Ngezi Community Share Ownership Trust Fund.

"We will formulate new labor laws which are just and fair to the worker and reduce working hours and will also represent beneficiaries of the Mhondoro-Ngezi Community Share Ownership Trust so that we bring to book Hon Saviour Kasukuwere and former Zimbabwean President, Cde Robert Gabriel Mugabe so that they account for the missing USD$10 million which they alleged to have transferred into their personal bank accounts", declared Kurebwa.

In that same light he hinted that he was going to scale-up his advocacy campaign for above poverty datum line salary-scale, the ratification of all International Labor Organisation (ILO) Conventions and Treaties and further enforce them, by aligning the Labor Act with the new Constitution of 22nd May, 2013 and ending of the long-standing backlog of labor court cases, most of which have gone unattended to for close to 60 months.

"If voted into office, I pledge to fight nepotism and corruption which remain Zimbabwe's greatest enemies to national economic, social and political development and progress", said Kurebwa during a telephone interview with this reporter.

He has also promised constituency development, which will include the rehabilitation of roads, improvement of service delivery, access to water, education and healthcare continue to top his to-do-list. Mhondoro-Ngezi wards 10, 11 and 9 need emergency water services and Kurebwa said to have already engaged Lakeshore Boreholes to sink and construct new boreholes begin with those areas hardest hit by the water crisis.
Responding to allegations of libel that he is a member of the CIO, and a Zanu Pf cadre, Kurebwa vehemently denied the allegations but agreed that he had turned independent after being sacked from the MDC Alliance.

"I had been voted and duly elected as Mhondoro-Ngezi's MDC Alliance candidate in line with the provisions stipulated in Section 4:1 of the MDC-T Template", said Kurebwa.

Kurebwa also went to say that due to fowl paly by some rogue elements within the MDC Alliance, a primary election was conducted at night without formal primary election procedures being followed and to his surprised discovered that he had been replaced. The breached primary election protocol also included the absence of ballot papers, no technical staff to conduct the poll, no security officers and in spite of all this; they went on to announce that I was no longer the MDC Alliance candidate. This happened despite MDC Alliance President Nelson Chamisa having warning all party structures to desist from candidate imposition.

"I was raised by both Tsvangirai and Chamisa and my heart and life belong there. I'm a trade unionist and have nothing whatsoever to do with ZANU PF and will never be ZANU PF", retorted the legislator.

The popular aspiring Mhondoro-Ngezi MP only learnt of this sad development too late when the Nomination court was closing in four days' time. He agreed that unconstitutional and unorthodox means were employed by infiltrators who were masquerading as MDC Alliance yet were on the ruling party's ticket to destroy MDC Alliance.

"I'm a victim of nepotism and corruption and now I have gone independent but Hon Nelson Chamisa still remains my President and will vote for him".

The MP said it was not the first time he had been shot in the foot. In 2017 he was sacked from the party structures for funding the tombstone of deceased MDC-T member Dadirai Chipiro who had died in 2008 due politically motivated violence then. My only crime was that I one hundred percent funded the tombstone program.

This reporter can further reveal that Chitungwiza Youth Assembly Chair, Jabulani Mtunzi, Kuda John, Tangwara Blessing and the Chitungwiza Provincial Youth Executive organised the tombstone program with the financial support of Hon Kurebwa.
"Instead of gratitude, I received intra-party antagonism from some of the party's influential leaders and was indiscriminately kicked out of the party together with the surviving spouse of the deceased, Patson Chipiro, and several MDC-T members for gracing the tombstone program".

Fortunately that same year of 2017, the then top brass of the late MDC-T foundation President Morgan Richard Tsvangirai's administration rubbished the allegations and labelled then null and void.

He added that he did not want to talk about the issue by was pressurised after realising that his opponents had approached the media and misrepresented me, so I had to reciprocate and put the record straight.

"We will make sure that Mhondoro-Ngezi benefits first from any developments we are going to push for as legislators in the coming new government by making sure that the interest of the poor and workers are highly prioritised in all government development agendas", concluded Kurebwa.

Hon Nomboka Kurebwa Javangwe thanked Churches in Mhondoro-Ngezi for the special role they were playing in upholding the gospel of peace and reducing intolerance, hate speech and violence.

"I would want ro promise all churches here that we will work hand-in-glove with you and help you continue to preach the Word of God, access stands for church buildings and pastors and so my request is that they continue to pray for me so that God will continue to help me".

Recently, he has rolled out a Mhondoro-Ngezi cattle herd resuscitation programme where he is buying livestock vaccines to dip and prevent cattle from foot and mouth virus. The project will be a permanent feature and livestock farmers in ward 10 were the g=first beneficiaries. He continues to give prizes to green shows, assist the sick with medical and funeral costs in all the wards in Mhondoro-Ngezi. Hon Kurebwa is the current Turf Residence Chairperson and his works speak volumes and Mhondoro-Ngezi residence have a reason to put on a smile with his coming into office this coming Monday, July 30th.

The aspiring Mhondoro-Ngezi candidate is a strong workers' unionist, a staunch and principled unionist with close to a decade track record of standing up for the rights of workers and is currently affiliated to the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU).
"If the election is free, fair and credible, I'm confident of landslide victory".

Source - Own Correspondent