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'Prophet Angel predicted Zanu-PF would win election'

by Staff reporter
05 Aug 2018 at 19:09hrs | Views
Flamboyant preacher and founder of Good News Church - Uebert Angel - has left his followers perplexed when he made an accurate prediction on Zimbabwe's presidential election outcome.

Days before the blood-soaked, hotly contested election, the charismatic preacher went before thousands attending his congregation and viewers on his Miracle TV and gave the exact election result of the titanic battle between President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his main challenger Nelson Chamisa.

His prophecy came to pass as the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission on Friday midnight confirmed Mnangagwa as the winner of the Zimbabwe presidential elections.

The president-elect garnered a comfortable 2 460 463 votes, constituting 50,8 percent of the total.

Angel, looking resplendent in a grey suit, shocked those in attendance on July 22 when he declared that Zanu-PF would beat MDC.

In his prophecy, Angel recalled his August 2013 prophecy, where he stated it was almost impossible to de-stool the liberation movement.

His latest prophecy, which was broadcast live on his TV station Miracle TV, said Zanu-PF will again romp to victory in the harmonised election.

The prophecy was done eight days before Zimbabweans went to polls.

Angel told his millions of followers not to buy the red MDC T-shirts.

"And you wanna (sic) know what will happen in the election in Zimbabwe, how many times have I spoken about it," he asked rhetorically to cheers of many in the congregation.

"All I'm saying is don't buy these T-shirts, don't waste your time wearing all these T-shirts and regalia and meeting people at these conferences and these meetings, just concentrate on Jesus hey. You won't change it."

The MDC Alliance party, which branded itself with the colour red, was selling its regalia in the form of caps, T-shirts, scarfs and mug.

Angel, who is considered to be apolitical, looked uninterested in elaborating the prophecy, presumably because of the many times he has told his followers about the Zimbabwean election outcome which have always been won by Zanu-PF.

In another recording, on August 4, 2013 shot in Harare, he had prophesied that it was difficult to remove the revolutionary party and specifically and shockingly mentioned that you can support anyone you like but the winner will be the revolutionary party.

He reiterated the same in the 2018 recording, where he said Africa was a difficult place to change political parties, specifically Zimbabwe.

Throughout his calling as a prophet, Angel continues to challenge people's belief and trust in the prophetic as he has delivered some intriguing prophecies.

In recent years, he has concentrated in his businesses and charitable events.

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