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Why Mnangagwa must not be allowed to rule Matabeleland

by Israel Dube
07 Aug 2018 at 07:08hrs | Views
He has a genocide case to answer in Matabeleland. If Emmerson is prepared to compensate white farmers for the loss of land he should also be ready to compensate Matebeles for the genocide by giving them their country. If he cannot, is he suggesting that our pain is not important?  

Mnangagwa's government is a copycat of Mugabe's Shona supremacist set up where the position of president, second vice president, minister of finance, defence, foreign affairs and all other important positions are a  preserve of Shona people who are regarded as the superior tribe in Zimbabwe. Judging by the Harare killings, it seems the man who believes that Matabeles are cockroaches is more heartless and brutal than Mugabe. The smell of blood in the streets and cries of dying people is good to him.

As was the case with Mugabe regime, under the leadership of Mnangagwa Shona people continue to enjoy this elevated status and the privileges that go with it like Hitler's Aryan race.

This puts Matabeles under the feet of Shonas and in danger of physical, mental and subtle genocide like the Jews of German under Hitler's reign.

What all this means is that all strategic positions in the public and private sector both in Matabeleland and Mashonaland will continue to be filled by Shona people. In fact Mashonaland will maintain its 100% Shona job occupation while Matabeleland will see more Shona invasion from 95% to higher and unacceptable levels. That points to tightening of grip of Matabeleland by Zimbabwe oppressive government and more domination of Matabele people by Shonas
Matabeles will watch helplessly as more trucks and buses transport people from Mashonaland to Matabeleland day and night to take up all job and business opportunities.

Matabeles who will try to protest against this move will have the peaceful marches brutally dispersed by the army as we saw recently with the people in Harare who were shot by the army for protesting election results. Clearly the lizard is worse than Mugabe.

What devolution? It would be foolishness of highest order on our side to believe that our enemies who have demonstrated their hatred towards us through Matabeleland genocide, marginalisation and tribal discrimination, will now develop Matabeland and treat us as humans after 38 years. Anyone who believes this hogwash lives in a fools paradise.  

Young man and women from Matabeleland will emigrate en masse to neighbouring countries in search of jobs. Risking their lives and others losing their lives to crocodiles in the rivers and lions in the thick bushes.

There is a likelihood that Matebeles would face xenophobia attacks in the foreign lands under the false belief that Zimbabwe is now an accommodative democracy yet it is still a straight jacket Shona supremacist state. The great trek by Matabeles to neighbouring countries will open up space for more Shonas to be settled in towns, cities, growth points and rural areas in Matabeleland leading to high contamination or complete genocide of our culture, languages, identity and history. Sadly if Matabeles do not stand up to reclaim their territory now, Matabele as a nation will die a slow and painful death. And the fake state called Zimbabwe will grow, being assisted by the Judas Iscariots of our times.

You know them by now. They are identifiable by what they say and do. They use their stomachs to think rather than their brains. They live for their stomachs and masters rather their own future, that of their children and generations to come. They unashamedly make false public declarations that Matabeleland has no leader who is qualified to occupy the office of the president in order to pick crumbs falling from the table of their masters in Harare. They define themselves as "Zimbabweans first" to create an identity crisis in Matabeleland in a misplaced effort to block the restoration of the statehood of Matabeleland. All this to impress their masters.

Matabeleland statehood restoration is an idea whose time has come. MLO reiterates that Emmerson Mnangagwa and his noisy puppies will not rule Matabeleland. Matabeleland is not Zimbabwe. We do not even know what Zimbabwe means and we are not interested in knowing as we are not Zimbabweans.

Buzochitheka bugayiwe!


Izenzo kungemazwi!

Israel Dube

MLO Secretary for Information and Public Affairs

Source - Israel Dube