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Zimbabwe elections never reflect will of the people, but that of soldiers and criminals

by Stephen Jakes
23 Aug 2018 at 07:14hrs | Views
Mthwakazi activist Hloniphani Ncube has said Zimbabweans have always cried that the elections usually do not reflect the will of the people without taking measures to make them do so.

"If you cry about the similar mistake for more than 18 years without taking a firm decision to address your problems then you deserve not to be taken seriously. Zimbabweans cry about the known and clear fact that elections have never reflected the will of the people in Zimbabwe but that of soldiers and criminals but after five years they still enter the process and cry again and the question, is that normal?" he said.

"For example, Priscillar Chigumba is a ZANU PF member and all the ZEC commissioners, but we participate in such arrangements and expect democracy to prevail, and in reality ZANU PF take advantage of our careless attitude.

In Zimbabwe the government does not follow the electoral act before the elections start, but people would be busy campaigning and scolding ZANU PF, while Emmerson Mnangagwa and company ZEC included would be making up strategies to win fraudulently. I strongly believe the results that were announced were cooked some time before elections."

He said the point is normal people should stand against an election whose process is corrupt rather than participating in a corrupt process, because that ushers in fraud stars and corrupt individuals to decide for the docile educated people of Zimbabwe.

"If education makes people to be docile and be led by a gun silently, then such a curriculum must be visited and reviewed. A country cannot go on like that. People deserve a better life and we no very well that these thieves who have graduated in the profession of fraud can never work out a miracle to turn the economic fortunes. It's time for thieves to go to prisons because thus where they belong," he said.

Source - Byo24News