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Zanu-PF war vets criminals or fighters for freedom?

by Stephen Jakes
23 Aug 2018 at 07:26hrs | Views
Mthwakazi activist Hloniphani Ncube has said he has always asked himself on whether the sects of the ZANU PF war vets are really war vets or they were tribal criminals who took the advantage of the suffering of the masses during the colonial era.

"I think the term "war vet" in Zimbabwe deserves to be redefined and contextualised in real terms because it has been widely abused by the junta fraudsters. In my view a war vet must advance the issues of democracy, human rights, humanity and advancement of peace. However, when one closely examines these people masquerading as war vets, we see different attributes in them. The war vets in Zimbabwe implemented the gukurahundi genocide. These same war vets sidelined the real war vets and people who went to the war are languishing in poverty. These war vets supported the disappearance of innocent civilians by the aggressive ZANU PF under Mugabe and Mnangagwa. These war vets lies to the public about the political environment in Zimbabwe. The leaders of war vets have tarnished the meaning of war vets in Zimbabwe from being seen as human rights fighters to villains. The country and it's people cannot be held at ransom by these criminals pretending to be war vets," he said.

"In this period of enlightenment people must defend their rights to democracy. We have suffered for too long at the hands of these people and it is time people stand against these aggressors. The attitude of these ZANU PF war vets demonstrates that they did not go to war to fight for people rather they wanted to capture people into an atmosphere of dictatorship and poverty. The ordinary citizens only demands and cry for their right to choose leaders freely to be respected. The war vets that we have only defends the one who controls gun man and this cannot go on without condemnation."

Source - Byo24News