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Matemadanda, Mutsvangwa dangerous cowards

by Stephen Jakes
25 Aug 2018 at 06:49hrs | Views
Former MDC Bulilima East legislator Norman Mpofu has described war veterans leader Victor Matemadanda and Chris Mutsvangwa as dangerous cowards who betrayed Jabulani Sibanda when he pointed that Robert Mugabe was to be stopped before executing a bedroom coup.

"Matemadanda and Mutsvangwa are dangerous cowards. They betrayed Jabulani Sibanda. When JB pointed out that Mugabe was to be stopped before executing his bedroom coup they distanced themselves in order to endear themselves to Mugabe. They helped Mugabe to persecute JB and went on to dance kongonya on JB's political grave. They were rewarded instructed to reorganise war vets by Mugabe. They grabbed the opportunity with both hands and were
rewarded with positions for betraying Jabulani Sibanda," he said.

"Today they mourn more than the bereaved about their master, the monster they created. If they are sincere about Jabulani Sibanda that he must be re admitted into the party then Mutsvangwa must step down and allow JB to take his rightful position ie chairman of war vets. Failure to do that they must shut up and stop abusing a dead man. Baqinele ezizifelayo. I respect JB he stands for what he believes in. He refused to be bought unlike these cowards who have no backbones."

Source - Byo24News