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Foreign Diplomats call for peace, unity

by Staff Reporter
27 Aug 2018 at 06:52hrs | Views
FOREIGN diplomats and some opposition party leaders have urged Zimbabweans to bury the hatchet and unite in rebuilding the country.

Speaking shortly before President Mnangagwa's inauguration at the National Sports Stadium in Harare yesterday, Democratic Republic of Congo Ambassador to Zimbabwe Dr Mwawapanga Mwanananga said the country has a great potential to transform into an economic giant.

Dr Mwanananga, who is also the Dean of Diplomatic Corps in Zimbabwe, said it is time for Zimbabweans to come together and start rebuilding the nation.

"It is now time for Zimbabweans to rebuild their country. You have got a lot of talent, very educated people and we all saw this process (elections) unfold and now it's time for the people of Zimbabwe to go back to work and rebuild their country and make it a tool of Africa," he said.

Dr Mwanananga, who is the longest serving diplomat in Zimbabwe, urged losing candidates in the July 30 elections, to support the newly sworn in President Mnangagwa and complement his efforts in transforming the country into a prosperous nation.

The Alliance for the People's Agenda (APA) president Dr Nkosana Moyo congratulated President Mnangagwa on his victory.  He called on Zimbabweans to unite, move forward and rebuild the country.

In a press statement, the APA leader said it was crucial for Zimbabweans to work together to turn around the fortunes of the country.

"Now that the Constitutional court has made its ruling, the APA would like to congratulate president elect Emmerson Mnangagwa," he said.

He acknowledged that the elections were held on the basis of which the Constitutional Court affirmed President Mnangagwa's win which, he said, is indicative of the will of the people.

Dr Moyo said he looked forward to the new administration heeding to some of the guidelines on nation building.

"Our offer to rehabilitate Zimbabwe as articulated in our manifesto was clear on what we believe the task ahead of the nation is. Economic management based on meritocracy, transparency, zero tolerance to corruption, nation building and introspection. We hope the incoming administration will pay heed to these guidelines," said Dr Moyo.

He said his party will continue working for good governance as they begin preparation for the next elections.

"Although we are not represented in Parliament, we as APA continue to work for good governance, prudent management of the economy, constitutionalism and we will start to work in preparation for the 2023 election," said Dr Moyo.

The Australian embassy called for peace as Zimbabwe moves into a new chapter.

"Following the 24 August decision of the Constitutional Court, which declared Emmerson Mnangagwa the winner of the presidential election, Australia encourages all parties and stakeholders to work together peacefully and purposefully on the political, economic, electoral and human rights reforms which are needed to take the country forward," read the statement.

"As a friend of Zimbabwe, we urge commitment by all, in words and practice, to national unity, democracy and the rule of law."

Mnangagwa has committed to upholding peace and working with churches to promote nation-building to refocus the national agenda.

The President has reached out to opposition political parties, saying political actors should embrace each other and move forward.

The Constitutional Court on Friday upheld President Mnangagwa's victory in the July 30 harmonised elections, saying the petition by MDC-Alliance leader Mr Nelson Chamisa was deficient of evidence to buttress his litany of poll rigging claims.

Mr Chamisa had challenged the validity of the election which he claimed was rigged in favour of the Zanu-PF Presidential candidate.

Mr Chamisa raised a host of allegations, including alleged vote-buying, ghost polling stations, denial of 40 000 teachers the right to vote, skewed media coverage by the public media and inflation of figures.

Chief Justice Luke Malaba, who was sitting with eight other ConCourt judges, found no fault with the conduct of the 2018 harmonised elections.

Source - Chronicle