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Open Letter to Emmerson Mnangagwa

by Nyari Mashayamombe
30 Aug 2018 at 07:30hrs | Views
I would start by congratulating you on becoming our new President. As you assume your five-year mandate, have a few suggestions.

A female vice president

It goes without question that Section 56 of our Constitution requires that we have equal representation in our country, since 54 percent of the voters were female. A new dawn for Zimbabwean women must not be postponed; it begins now and with the appointment of a female VP. As an officer of the law yourself who has promised to be a listening President, we expect you to listen to the voices of women who are calling for a representative in the presidium.

The new Cabinet

Women also require equal representation in your Cabinet. Moving forward, Zimbabwe requires sharp brains comprising women, youths from across the political divide. Diversity, inclusivity and action are at the core of democracy.

Access to education for all children

We need a policy that allows all children access to basic education and not be inhibited by fees and levies as enshrined in our Section 75 of our Constitution which requires every child to be in school. Through our #EveryChildInSchool Campaign, Primary and Secondary Education minister Paul Mavima had promised to look into the issue of the circular but its now more than six months without any action.

Zimbabwe is Open for Business

While we want jobs and world-class infrastructure, the open for business mantra should not come at the expense of exploitation of our resources, looting and corruption. There must be clear transparency and mechanisms to make all deals as transparent as possible.

Sanctions Must Go!

Zidera should be gone as soon as yesterday, because Zimbabwe deserves a fresh start. Mr President, you must know that many progressive Zimbabweans are supporting you in asking for sanctions to go.

As a developmentalist and human rights activist, as well as a businesswoman myself, I have seen the burden that sanctions place on the poor, on the women and youths and the opportunities to move our country forward.

We are speaking together for our country to be freed.

Social Protection of Women, Children and Elderly

It is true that one can see the development and progressiveness of a country in the manner in which the government treats in women and children. The social services system plunged to the drain a long time ago. The vulnerabilities that women, children and the elderly in our communities suffer should us and be revealed to us as a sin before God.

There is urgent need to restore social welfare, hospitals and clinics, justice system free of corruption and make it more women friendly, also including women in positions of leadership.

Unity for our Country

This country is fragmented, bleeding and needs healing. Calls that started last year with regards to healing and processes were put in place. The healing and reconciliation processes that were started must be completed to avoid wasting of resources over processes that do not get completed.

Media Reform

It is without doubt that the issue of media reforms has been raised enough times in our country. The national broadcaster ZBC's television and radio as well as national press require a new policy that promotes more tolerance, openness, freedom of speech and access for all.

This will not happen without a clear process of staff training, enactment of a new policy in the ZBC led by your office. The culture of staff in all these media platforms will require your leadership to change Mr President as we move forward to a total democracy.

Respect for Freedoms and Human Rights

The civil society in our country has contributed immensely to the attainment of democracy, human rights and freedoms, and we have also seen gross abuses of human rights.

A new Zimbabwe that we want includes freedoms of association, respect for human rights, the rule of law by the State and also respect for the civil society.

Labour Justice and Economic Justice for Masses

Government must lead by example in restoring the dignity of workers. Youths are vending and efforts must be taken by the government to ensure that jobs are availed, and small to medium entrepreneurs access resources and opportunities fairly.

Source - dailynews