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Mnangagwa's bias will compromise his power - MLF

by Stephen Jakes
31 Aug 2018 at 05:51hrs | Views
Mthwakazi Liberation Front spokesperson Ndabezinhle Fuyane has said President Emmerson Mnangagwa's bias in dealing with the shooting of civilians on August 1 will compromise his power.

"The bias by Mnangagwa now that will compromise his power hungry ego that now is in power is the issue of the commission of inquiry on the said scenario . The shooting itself is not enough rather, but the whole process from rigging the elections through the very person who had authorised the troops to deploy. That will not work if we are to face reality. Mnangagwa has to first address the bias in the outcome of the 30July elections before even tackling the shooting scene, thus proving to the world on the democratic stance he purport to be," he said.

"The next issue he is to address is who sanctioned the deployment of the soldiers in the streets on mere civilians, unarmed, harmless and innocent civilians and the third part is to investigate who actually fired some shots, then on that we will say Zimbabwe can go ahead on the dealing with the progress of the economy. Let not Mnangagwa take Zimbabweans for granted at ransom, even May is biased, how dare is she interested in the mere inquiry yet it was a process."

He said that wont cleanse his bloody hands through Vice President Constantino Chiwenga, his lieutenants need to face it at all costs and at a larges spectrum he has to justify himself.

Source - Byo24News