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Majome releases CDF expenditure report

by Stephen Jakes
07 Sep 2018 at 07:18hrs | Views
Former Harare West MP Jessie Majome has released the Constituence Development Fund report to upraise the constituency on how the funds were used during her tenure.

"As I promised, I hereby present my Constituency Development Fund report because it's important to be accountable to you Harare Westerners, because these are public funds.  The amount of $50 000 was released into the account on 27 April 2018 which is the 2nd time in Zimbabwe's history that was disbursed, the 1st one being 2010. You can see my CDF album on this wall for what I did with it then. This year's was utilized with the wonderful help of the committee which comprised Mr Chakombera, Ms Yvonne Kazingizi, Mrs Rose Kambasha, Hon. Catherine Muguti and Senator Theresa Makone . I thank them," she said.

"A special dedication is due to Victor Vikeke Mabutho my P.A. since 2012 who miraculously accomplished work for 6 + 5 people- in Kenya where the CDF is more established it is administered by a deviated office administration with the support of another while of administration of the MP. Victor performed all those functions singlehandedly. Thank you Victor for wholehearted help to me and service to our community and Zimbabwe. May God bless you in your future endeavours."

She said so here is the breakdown of the CDF: Traffic Safety: Grand total $29675.71, Bought a replacement Ashdown Park Harare Drive pedestrian traffic light with controller. The equipment are being adjusted for fitting by by Harare City Council. Cost $8730, Suppling materials for repainting and patching of 17 zebra crossings and speed humps. I prioritised crossings used by our beloved young Harare Westerners. I installed new zebra crossing on Tynwald Road for children to cross to from Nkwisi Gardens & Matidoda Park to Westlea Primary School. Cost $18645.71 and I constructed 2 speed humps : one near Avonlea Primary School and the other near Masaisai Primary School. I funded the 10 tonnes of tar used. Cost $2300.

She said on community Health a Grand total $8916.65  was spent and some money was used to recondition fire equipment at Mabelreign and Marlborough Satellite Clinics for $223

"We Purchased medical supplies for Village of Hope Clinic, medical equipment for Mabelreign and Marlborough Satellite Clinics ie scales, thermometers, drugs, privacy screens, bins etc for $4206.57,  Plumbing repairs for the Mabelreign and Marlborough City Clinics $2562, Purchased 2 hot plate stoves for Mabelreign and Marlborough Clinics $142.08 . Repaired Greencroft public toilet and Marlborough District Office Toilets for $694, Fire Safety at Public Schools: Grand total $9196. a. Installation of Fire Equipment at Marlborough High School ($6332) and Alfred Beit School ($2864), Registrar General's sub Office at Mt Pleasant repairs: Grand total $403 ,Repair of ceiling and replacement of 3 windows broken since 2013 at $312 ,Purchased of 2 plate hot oven for Registrar General's staff @$71," she said.

" Funding school for children with special needs: Grand total $1000
 - A of Purchase 4 tables and 20 chairs for ECD class at the special school for @$1000,
 - Memorabilia/signage for committee members's service : $90,
 - Rehabilitation of Tynwald North Road :$629.80
 - A of Purchase of 465 litres of diesel that will be used by council to grade Tynwald North Road $629.80,
 - This brings to the total of $49911.16.

The remainder was gobbled up by bank charges. I used my own resources for administering the fund to the tune of $560 as the CDF Fund Constitution does not allow the Fund to be used for those. I thank you for the honour and privilege you gave me to serve you my community and my country at that level. This closes the chapter of my book."

Source - Byo24News