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Mthwakazi kaMzilikazi appeals for donations towards Mzilikazi commemorations

by Stephen Jakes
14 Sep 2018 at 09:48hrs | Views
Mthwakazi KaMzilikazi Cultural Association has appealed for donations towards the commemoration of the King Mzilikazi life and death which is scheduled for September 29.

The event is set to be held 29 kilometers out of Bulawayo at Mhlahlandlela in Matobo.

Umthwakazi ka Mzilikazi Cultural Association every year organises the King Mzilikazi memorial celebrations of the life and death of the King.

The event is held in collaboration with stakeholders wishes.

The celebrations have been held annually since the year 2000 and are an important event to celebrate the life of one of Africa's greatest icons in living memory according to the association.

The organisers of the vent appealed for food donations such as cattle for slaughter, mealie meal, and bush meat among other consumables to make the event memorable.

King Mzilikazi left the then Zululand in the 1820s with less than 500 people and fought his way up to present day western Zimbabwe.

He was able to persuade some tribes in the Transvaal to join his crusade. Mzilikazi crossed the Limpopo River and finally settled in Matabeleland, establishing his capital at Mhlahlandlela, which was now a recognised historical site and this was the place where they had been hosting such celebrations since the year 2000.

For donation the organisation said people can  contact Nhlanhla Khumalo on 0775 184 390/ 0712 508 870

Source - Byo24News