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Gukurahundi documentary deemed to be carrying inflammatory information

by Staff reporter
19 Sep 2018 at 13:07hrs | Views
Author of the Gukurahundi documentary - Gukurahundi Genocide 36 Years Later - Zenzele Ndebele was on Monday summoned by police over the project that is deemed to be carrying inflammatory information.

Ndebele, a seasoned journalist based in the second largest city, confirmed the new development to Southern News.

"I was invited for questioning by the police yesterday (Monday) and they were interested in the contents of my documentary," Ndebele said.

"They were about eight of them who included members of the CIO, Law and Order and those from other security agencies in an interrogation that lasted for over 30 minutes," he said.

"They actually requested for a copy. They told me that they had information that my documentary contained something that is not fit for public consumption which may incite public violence," he said.

Ndebele said he turned their demands down as he felt it was unlawful and uncalled for.

"I didn't agree to their demands as that effectively meant that they had usurped the powers of the Censorship Board which has a duty tocontrol films and other pieces of art," he said.

The Censorship Board is responsible for the regulation and control of the public exhibition of films.

The Board was established in terms of the archaic and repressive Censorship and Entertainment Controls Act.

Meanwhile, Misa Zimbabwe has condemned the move by the police saying it was an affront to the freedom of expression.

"Misa Zimbabwe urges the government of Zimbabwe to uphold the Constitution of the country through respecting the right to freedom of expression and access to information."

However, Ndebele took a swipe at President Emmerson Mnangagwa's government which he accused of double standards.

"Why do we then have what they call national healing yet they are not ready for issues like Gukurahundi to be discussed openly?

"How then is it going to be possible unless they tell us these issues will be discussed in closed dark rooms?" he asked.

Asked what will be his next step in case the Censorship Board chips in, Ndebele said: "I have nothing to worry about, the showcase of the documentary is going ahead. As for the Board, I will be waiting for it."

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