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Court drama as woman bashes small house over maintenance

by Staff reporter
22 Sep 2018 at 10:21hrs | Views
There was drama at Masvingo Magistrate's Court when a married woman clobbered a small house that had come to claim maintenance from her husband.

The drama happened at the exit gates to the court after Magistrate Takawira Mugabe ruled that Benjamin Jackie who is denying paternity pay maintenance to Patience Nikiri until DNA tests are conducted.

Jackie was accompanied to court by his wife Jenny Khuluma from Chinyika Secondary School in Bikita and Nikiri was accompanied by her daughter who is at the centre of the maintenance storm.

The scuffle started as they left the court gates and Nikiri asked Jackie for money to buy food for the daughter and this did not go down well with the wife who allegedly responded by physically confronting  Nikiri. The fight was so violent that Jackie got his shirt torn as he tried to restrain the two women.

Police was called in and the two women were taken to Masvingo Central Police Station where both were  charged with disorderly conduct in a public place. They are going to appear in court.

During the maintenance court hearing, Jackie told Mugabe that the child was not his because he was only seeing Nikiri at the border in Beitbridge occasionally.

Source - masvingo mirror