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Mthwakazi activist attends heritage celebrations in SA

by Stephen Jakes
27 Sep 2018 at 07:39hrs | Views
Mthwakazi kaMzilikazi Cultural Organisation organised the Heritage Celebrations at Cape Town  on September 23 amid pompa and fanfare.

Mthwakazi activist Hloniphani Ncube said he was previleged to attend the function.

"I Had a privilege to join the Heritage Celebrations at Cape Town organised by Mthwakazi kaMzilikazi Cultural Organisation on the 23rd of September for all Mthwakazians across classes of society. As a nation our history and culture is still intact and these two fundamental components of our heritage has stood the test of trials and tribulations," he said.

"The organisation was formed to specifically reignite our culture which is a fundamental component of our society. I was glad to meet my brothers and sisters who showed passion for their rich culture and identity. A society without a culture is a dead one. These celebrations in essence were a symbol of the fact that Mthwakazi which is still alive in spite of so much suppression from our enemies of our freedom. We have survived a lot as a people and we will make it in no time."

He said this month is significant in the history of Mthwakazi as they remember the icon and the significant figure in our history, the founder of their strong nation King Mzilikazi who build this undying nation.

Source - Byo24News