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Lack of preparedness caused Cholera causalities in Zimbabwe

by Stephen Jakes
29 Sep 2018 at 08:30hrs | Views
Binga South legislator Prince Dubeko Sibanda has said lack of preparedness by the government has caused the cholera deaths that has escalated to 49 and it is not an individual political party to blame.

"49 deaths due to cholera is unacceptably high.  To me it points to one thing, ill-preparedness and lack of contemplation by the Health sector. So, it is my view – I do not want to talk about politics because the people who died are not known to which political party they belong.  Those that died and those that are still afflicted are Zimbabweans, therefore it is important that we look at this problem from a Zimbabwean point of view rather than from a political point of view.  Madam Speaker, it points to ill-preparedness and lack of contemplation within the health sector, it does not matter whether it is the municipality or Central Government but it speaks to lack of preparedness and lack of contemplation," he said while speaking in parliament.

"Why am I saying lack of preparedness and contemplation – it is because the situation is in Harare and it is quite clear that at any time there can be this kind of an outbreak.  Therefore if the health sector had been prepared and had contemplated, we could have avoided the 49 deaths.  Now my question of clarification from the Hon. Minister is what is it that they are doing to ensure that we are more prepared and more contemplating on such outbreaks coming out?"

Sibanda said he know that it might sound a bit personal and he have also struggled on whether to ask this question or not, but what he know is that at some point this question shall be asked.

"Nonetheless, I have decided that I should just proceed and ask that question.  The Hon. Minister spoke about development partners coming in to try and assist in the fight against cholera but there has been a lot of information and rumours coming on the ground, speaking to lack of confidence in the current Minister of Health because of some questions pertaining to his medical or non-medical qualifications.  I would love Madam Speaker, if the Hon. Minister can clear the air on whether indeed the qualifications that he has projected himself to possess, he has them or he does not have them," he said.

In responding to the questions, Health Minister Obadiah Moyo said there is not going to be any blame game in this particular exercise.

"In terms of who started it, we as the Ministry of Health and Child Care, are looking at this and we treat everyone equally.  So the availability of His Excellency the President was through his concern to ensure that each and every citizen especially from the epicenter was being well looked after hence there was selectivity," he said.

"The next item is the issue of the contaminated boreholes.  The Environmental Health officers and technicians in my ministry have all been instructed to go and inspect. The relevant officers in my ministry have been instructed to ensure that all the boreholes from where people are getting water are clean and not contaminated.  As you realise, the boreholes that were identified as being contaminated in the area."

Source - Byo24News