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Woman bashes ex-boyfriend

by Simbarashe Sithole
10 Oct 2018 at 16:03hrs | Views
A cheeky Glendale woman appeared before a Concession magistrate for severely assaulting her ex-boyfriend who broke into her bedroom and found her sleeping with her new boyfriend during the night.

Brenda Mangomo (33) pleaded guilty to assault charge and was fined $200 by magistrate Nyasha Machiriori failure to pay would earn her two months behind bars time to pay was extended to 31 October.

Public prosecutor Munyaradzi Nengomasha told the court that on 29 September 2018 Goka Girazi (47) an ex-boyfriend to Mangomo stormed into her bedroom while she was undressed with her new boyfriend.

Girazi was refusing to be dumped and this irritated Mangomo who woke up from her bed undressed and started assaulting Girazi with open hands, Girazi sustained a fractured leg.

In mitigation Mangomo said Girazi approached her at her homestead and broke into a her bedroom there by evading her privacy and in a fit of rage assaulted him.

"Your worship the complainant is refusing to be dumped I have moved on but he kept pestering me  on the day in question he broke into my bedroom whilst we were asleep with my new boyfriend he actually saw us undressed so I became angry and assaulted him because his actions were unjustified," she said.

In a related case a Concession man busted his wife having sex with another man at his matrimonial home and assaulted her before being dragged to court.

Brian Kokola (35) was slapped with $50 fine by Concession magistrate Nyasha Machirori on his own plea.

The court heard that on 5 October at Macup compound in Concession Kokola found his 2 year older wife Gladys Machingami (37) panties down with another man in his house and he assaulted her.

Although his wife sustained a swollen thumb Kokola was also on the receiving hand since he was assaulted by his wife's boyfriend and sustained a head injury.

Bandaged in the dock Kokola did not know what step to take on his assailant and posed a question to the magistrate who told her to follow legal processes as he was an accused in the matter in question.

Your worship indeed I assaulted my wife after I saw her panties down with another man but my question as you can see I am bandaged I was assaulted by my wife's boyfriend what do I do to get justice ? He asked.

 The magistrate said ," In this matter you are the accused and you are only answering to the charge but if you have other issues I suggest you follow the correct legal procedure."
Source - Byo24News