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Zimbabwe tourizim App launched

by Trynos Maeresera
10 Oct 2018 at 16:05hrs | Views
As Zimbabwe embraces ICT in its growth and development, Afronom Media a group of young Tech Entrepreneurs in Zimbabwe have come up with an App to assist in the growth and marketing of the businesses in the local tourism sector.

If you have ever planned to tour a new place you already know that it can be a challenge to find all the relevant travel information without spending hours researching online.

The developers have come up with a travel app called Tourizim. Tourizim lists all the relevant tourism hotspots in Zimbabwe such as hotels, museums, restaurants and many other tourist destinations. The app enables travelers to browse and view all relevant listed tourism businesses in Zimbabwe without the need of going online.

With over 80% of marketing in business being done using ICT mediums such as web, TV, radio and with the elite class of businesses already incorporating apps in their marketing, Tourizim is helping in leveling the playing field of marketing as all tourism businesses big or small now have the opportunity to harness the power of mobile app marketing without spending literally thousands of dollars for mobile app development.

As the first of its kind in Africa the app is anticipated to capture the attention of new local and international tourists which in turn will boost business in the local tourism sector.

Source - Agencies