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Chinese taking advantage of Zimbabwe, says senator

by Stephen Jakes
17 Oct 2018 at 06:50hrs | Views
Photo by Christopher Herwig
MDC Alliance senator Lillian Tiumveos has accused Chinese of taking advantage of Zimbabwe's crisis to swindle the nation of its resources.

Timveos made the remarks during debate in parliament.

"What I am saying is that this country is one of the richest country in the world.  We have got raw materials, we have got educated people, we have got over 4 to 5 million people that are outside the country that can actually come back and make use of the raw materials.  I actually think the Chinese nationals are taking advantage of us but if we are to implement the devolution provincial councils, these things would not be happening as they are happening," she said.

"I am giving you an example of reality about the Chinese people, I stay in Zvishavane; they do not even pay workers well.  The workers that are working in these chrome mines get US$5 a day, 7 days a week and they do not even have off days.  If we had these provincial councils, the Government would actually be aware of how our people are being abused.  They even beat up workers, the do not look after us well but you must know that as Zimbabweans we actually respect foreigners more than we respect our own people."

She said when people  go outside the country, they laugh at them saying ooh those poor people they are here looking for this and that.

"When they come here we handle them with kid gloves, we give them attention.  Yes, let us give them attention, they must come and invest in this country but the first thing we should ask them is what our people are benefiting.  If we are benefiting nothing then they must not get the deal," she said.

"I really need to support the motion and I really need the Government to really look at this, every Senator should look at this, this is the Constitution.  The Constitution is clear and what I mentioned here, I actually took it from the Constitution which means that we actually agreed in 2013 to do this.  So, why is it so complicated and why must we even debate about this because it should have been done way back.  So, we are hoping that as Hon. Senators let us agree that this has to be done as soon as yesterday."

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Source - Byo24News