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Kombis spend more time in queues these days

by Stephen Jakes
23 Oct 2018 at 09:55hrs | Views
Zanu-PF activist Tjiyapo Velempini has said it has become a daily norm that commuter omnibuses spend a lot of time on fuel queues no matter how long they are.

"All along I have been wondering why the Kombis are not just pouring their usual $5 fuel and moving on with their business. Now they are the predominant cars in all fuel queues no matter how long strenuous the process," he said.

"They don't pour a few liters but fill up the tank (60 Liters) of petrol or Diesel. They pay cash for the transactions and have become the darlings of the fuel industry / garages. Now RTGS Transactions are not preferred and restricted to $30."

He said they are king, Source of cash for fuel dealers to speculate on the parallel market. Net result fuel is available for cash at $16 / 5 Liters in the locations and other unofficial fueling points.

"Garages are drained dry at RTGS rates only for fuel to be the new medium for negotiations on the parallel / alternative market. So no meaningful transportation of people is happening all kombis sleep and spend the day in queues," he said.

"There is better margins than working the routes every day. But at whose cost and convenience. These queues have crippled farm operations and business."

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