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Chamisa congratulates Paul Mwazha for reaching 100 years

by Staff reporter
25 Oct 2018 at 12:35hrs | Views
The Movement for Democratic Change Alliance leader, Nelson Chamisa, has congratulated the African Apostolic Church founder, Bishop Paul Mwazha on his centenary birthday.

Posting on Twitter this morning, Chamisa said "Happy birthday to the Teacher, Bishop Paul Mwazha, a General in the FAITH who turns 100 years today having been born at Chirumanzu on the 25th of October 1918. God has used Bishop Mwazha mightily to bring many to salvation.God bless you Mudzidzisi!!

Mwazha was born on the 25th of October in 1918 and is referred by his followers as "Mutumwa" meaning Apostle.

Mwazha is the Arch Bishop of The African Apostolic Church, he received his calling in 1951 when he heard the voice of the Lord calling him, which he answered the call in his prayer communicating with God saying, 'Lord I heard your voice calling me'. Moreover, in the same period he also heard the voice of the Lord calling again saying , "Who shall we sent, who for us shall go?", yet he answered again in his prayer of gratitude to the Lord, saying O' Lord I had your voice saying "Who shall we sent who for us shall go?". I am here Lord, sent me to your people beginning in Africa, then the rest of the world if be it your will Lord.

Prior to his commissioning, the Lord revealed Himself to Paul Mwazha on several occasions until this day for more than seven times.In his first encounter with our Lord Jesus Christ in 1934,upon his sleep in a divine revelation, he was on top of a rocky mountain and he heard a voice to saying him , "Behold the apostles of Jesus." When he looked yonder he saw African men clad in white gowns singing hymns to the Lord while standing under a lush green tree. Upon looking slightly to the south, he saw our Lord Jesus Christ sitting inside a rock with an open book in His hands while his countenance was facing towards north. Paul exclaimed "Ah Lord!" and he began to descend from that rocky height. This happened on the holy mountain of Guvambwa near Sadza Growth Point in Chikomba District, Zimbabwe.

Source - Byo24News