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Factions in Zanu PF jostling to give Mthuli Ncube their proposed plans to recover the economy

by Stephen Jakes
26 Oct 2018 at 09:07hrs | Views
MDC Alliance official Discent Collins Bajila has said his preliminary understanding is that Minister of finance Mthuli Ncube has been put in a precarious position by emerging Zanu PF factions.

He said each faction has presented to him what could work in rebuilding the economy and because he is a political novice he has failed to see the hidden factional agendas behind each proposal. Ultimately the Finance Ministry has become a stadium where Zanu PF power Olympics are played.

"His worst nightmare comes from the fact that Lewis Matutu is the second Zanu PF Head of Department to publicly reprimand him after Obert Mpofu did so a fortnight ago," he said.

"Those who imposed Lumumba on Mthuli Ncube are his worst enemies because he will never know what next Lumumba will say and where he gets it from. The earlier Mthuli Ncube realises that for him evolution is better than revolution and that powers at Jongwe House are as important as those at Munhumutapa Building, the better for him. The focus of ZANU PF, and indeed any ruling party on earth, is that in the process of state programming, the people, the systems and the knowledge that sustains the party must not be tempered with negatively."

He said otherwise, his expulsion will be resolution number one of the December 2018 Zanu PF People's conference to be held in Gwanda, that is if he does not resign earlier.

"The days of Florence Nightingale are long gone. Modern development is done through teams," he said.

Source - Byo24News