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Madhuku's involvement in Mnangagwa's commission suspicious

by Stephen Jakes
26 Oct 2018 at 09:29hrs | Views
Zapu spokesperson Iphithule Maphosa has said the involvement of Lovemore Madhuku in President Emmerson Mnangagwa's set commission of inquiry into the August 1 killings was suspicious considering that he was one of the 23 candidates who contested against the head of state.

Lovemore Madhuku is president of NCA, a political party that also contested the July 30 elections. He was the party's presidential candidate, one of the twenty something men and women who vied for the top job.

Madhuku lost the poll to Emerson Mnangagwa of ZANU PF. His party also didn't manage any seats both in local authorities and Parliament. Fair and fine.

"On 1 August, soldiers shot and killed alleged demonstrators in Harare. Its said by Zimbabwean authorities that these demonstrators were demanding results of the presidential ballot. Seven lives were lost to the hail of bullets by the excited soldiers who took aim and shot with live ammunition at fleeing protestors," Maphosa said..

"In a stunt to gain recognition, legitimacy and acceptance by the international community especially the British, Emerson jumped to blame the opposition MDC alliance for the demonstrations. In one of the many grandstanding stunts, he quickly set up a commission of enquiry into the shootings. Only him and his gods know the necessity of this commission of enquiry because everyone in Zimbabwe know that the zimbabwean soldiers shot and killed the fleeing and unarmed demonstrators, a phenomenon never heard of in Zimbabwe's history that is littered with government/citizen conflicts dating back to food riots of the 90s."

He said an international commission commission was set up, with former SA President Montlante chairing it.

"This is despite Emerson having ignored me and my party ZAPU when we called on him to appoint a foreigner to chair the NPRC just before Justice Nare was appointed. He didn't think it mattered then, but saw it important to have a neutral commission when he wanted to appease his masters in Britain," he said.

"The commission has a few Zimbabweans, and prominent of these is ZANU PF functionary Charity Manyeruke and Prof Lovemore Madhuku.

I'm especially interested in Madhukus involvement in this commission. I will dwell in his matter in the next episode...."

Source - Byo24News