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'Mnangagwa's government is primitive'

by Stephen Jake
28 Oct 2018 at 14:10hrs | Views
Mthwakazi activist Hloniphani Ncube has said Zanu-PF government is a primitive political organisation which has introduced failed policies leading to the suffering of the Zimbabwean masses.

The remarks come in the wake of the government failing to address the spiraling economic conditions in the country.

Ncube said arresting money changers by the Zanu-PF government is a primitive and old fashion economic recovery strategy which will not address the current economic challenges.

"This attitude is a desperate attempt to shift the attention of the citizens from the real economic challenges. Firstly, people resort to money changers because of the poor government monetary policy which promotes government protected corruption that has led to poor bank performances. People have no confidence in the state controlled banking sector which always attributes the characteristics of drastic, unplanned and detrimental attitude," Ncube said.

"A question may be asked as to what happened to the savings of people which were done in Zimbabwe dollars. Another question may be asked what happened leading to the loss of the value of money. The answers are simple we were led and are still led by people who are very arrogant to protect the assets of the people. The issues of liquidity crunch cannot be addressed by money changers arrests period."

Ncube said the truth is that, they are trading with their asserts but without proper documents due to the monitary policy of the state.

"In fact money changers have been helping these ruthless current and previous arrogant leaders. They have been operating better than the banks of Zimbabwe because if you want to exchange any amount of money these people could easily do it even though the rates are usually high, but the truth is their service have been better than the regulated banking system," he said.

"If Zanu-PF is serious about the economy, they must arrest the thieves who stole the 15 billion US dollars. Zanu-PF must arrest the people who have been involved in money laundering. Zanu-PF must arrest those who invaded the farms of commercial farmers. These Zanu-PF idiots must restore issues of human rights and human dignity. They must arrest those who killed civilians in Matebeleland. These fools must create a framework that promotes the private sector and ultimately investment."

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Source - Byo24News