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Mugabe must be laughing as military junta fails & falls apart

by Israel Dube
29 Oct 2018 at 07:39hrs | Views
When they violently seized political power through a military coup, it was as if they were saying to former President Robert Mugabe, we want you to live and see how things are done as far as running  the country is concerned.  But the opposite is true. Like a fisherman's net that sometimes delivers unwanted crabs and frogs, "Operation Restore Legacy" has ushered in political and economic chaos. Mnangagwa's military junta is failing and falling apart. Mugabe must be laughing at Blue Roof. After all, Mnangagwa's regime is no different from his.

The junta is facing a myriad of serious political and economic issues that are threatening to prematurely end Mnangagwa's rule.

For the umpteeth time MLO has stated that "Mugabe must go" mantra was an ill- conceived idea that was always going to be a flop. The failure of this program is written all over the so called "new dispensation" which had nothing new about it except in the mind of a very gullible people. Not to say Mugabe was not supposed to go but the whole shona supremacist system and its supporters was supposed to leave with him. Unfortunately the system is too big and extends to the main opposition.

At this point, when the economy is on a downward spiral, everyone will agree with us that assisting Lacoste faction to remove its old leader and leaving the corrupt shona supremacist system intact was a huge mistep.

It has taken just a few months for the hungry wolves with a proven DNA of corruption, culture of profligacy and destruction to subject innocent masses to economic trauma such as  experienced in 2008. This, to quench their insatiable appetite for wealth and good life at the expense of poor masses. The parasites will continue sucking blood from poor people until they drop dead.

Once you hear rowdy war veterans threatening to kick some of their own comrades out of office, you know that there is big trouble at Shake- Shake House. It would be gross negligence of our duties if we do not decode this situation that is pushing Zimbabwe to the dangerous edge of political instability.

War vets should not be underestimated in their role as merchants of political violence and chaos. In the 1980s a section of the war vets from ZANLA participated in Matabeleland genocide and killed more than 40 O00 Matabele civilians. Around 2000 they spearheaded land grabs that scattered white people and left most of them landless and destitute. In 2017 they were in the forefront of a military coup that deposed their long time Commander in Chief, Robert Mugabe.

The latest political program that they have embarked on is guaranteed to end in another political disorder. Make no mistake they are not on their own one political big fish at the top is sponsoring them. Who is it, Mutsvanga, Chiwenga or Mnangagwa? Time will tell.

The army registered  its unhappiness to Mnangagwa concerning current thorny issues at a JOC meeting a few days ago.

If you thought that the fight for the Zimbabwe's highest position is between President Mnangagwa and VP Chiwenga, think again. There is another political vulture that has emerged within Zanupf. His supporters fondly refer to him as "President in waiting". Christopher Mutsvanga is not new in the Zimbabwean political circles. He is a bitter victim of unfair distribution of the spoils of the military coup. He was the most vocal activist of the coup, credited with composing an inflammatory document known as the Blue Ocean that caused political problems for former President Mugabe. Strangely when other coup plotters were rewarded with lucrative positions in the government and party, he was left out in the cold.

He is back and gunning for the top position. Two bulls in one kraal is trouble but three is a total disaster. The man has hit the ground running he has taken advantage of the current situation and exposed a widening rift in the presidium where VP Chiwenga and President Mnangagwa no longer see eye to eye. At the center of the fight are corrupt business deals involving Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe and Sakunda, an oil company run by Kudakwashe Tagwirei. Someone is chewing more than the boss.

Rival factions in the gravy train are exposing each other's corrupt deals involving millions of dollars.  All of a sudden we hear of corrupt
cartels, Queen Bees, international syndicates, politicians who own big cities and those who are richer than the country because they have been stealing from the poor since Zimbabwe came into being.

There are no laws that govern coup plotters. If there are any, no one will observe them. They have no respect, even for their own comrades. The war to overthrow Mugabe was easier than they could believe. But the war "to  normalise things" in Zimbabwe as Chiwenga would put it, has proven not to be as easy. The antagonists are at each other's throat. Synonymous with the greedy and those with DNA of corruption, the current fights are not about the poor and vulnerable or development of the country. They are about amassing political power, influence,  control of resources in the country and accumulation of wealth. All this point to endless political disorder in Zimbabwe which is a recipe for more military coups.

"Corruption is a cancer: a cancer that eats away at a citizen's faith in democracy, diminishes the instinct for innovation and creativity; already-tight national budgets,
crowding out important national investments. It wastes the talent of entire generations. It scares away investments and jobs,"Joe Biden once said. shona supremacist should learn from this, but do they care?

The life of a falsehood named  "New Dispensation" or " Operation Restore Legacy" ends here as the very criminals that coined these sweet sounding lines have now exposed them as  lies. A lie has short legs, is it not?

If Mnangagwa will be brave enough to go around the world selling the so called new dispensation, he has a lot of explaining to do and the truth is he will come back empty handed. Investment and corruption do not mix.

Forget about Zimbabwe being Africa's bread basket once again. Forget about the lie that Zimbabwe will be a middle income by 2030.

It is this unchecked and unpunished corruption and a litany of other tribally motivated human rights and injustices against Matabeles that force us to restore the statehood of Matabeleland so that we separate with corrupt and oppressive Zimbabwe as soon as possible.

To a few Matabeles who say Mnangagwa
must be given a chance we have this to say, MLO will not give corrupt criminals, genocidists, oppressors and rapists more time to loot our resources, murder and rape our people and continue tribally segregating our people in all spheres of life. Enough is enough!
In Ndebele language, when someone is busy lying to the public we say, etsho esithi mfeee! ED mpfeee is a lie that should not be tolerated or entertained in Matabeleland.

Izenzo Kungemazwi!
Israel Dube

MLO Secretary for Information and Public Affairs

Source - Israel Dube