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Jonathan Moyo shreds Mnangagwa biography

by Mandla Ndlovu
30 Oct 2018 at 13:33hrs | Views
Self-exiled Former Minister of Higher and Tertiary Education Prof. Jonathan Moyo has torn into journalist Ray Ndlovu's much published book; In the Jaws of a crocodile.

Moyo has described Mnangagwa's biography, which was published by Pengiun Books SA as an, "unmistakable hagiography which is self-demeaning and of little if any redeeming public value"

Posting on Twitter Prof Moyo said, "Having read Ray Ndlovu's book on Emmerson Mnangagwa published by Penguin Books SA and followed its hyped launches in South Africa bankrolled by Justice Maphosa, a Lacoste crony, it's clear the book, is an unmistakable Mnangagwa hagiography!

"By way of a background, it is notable that hagiographies are invariably self-demeaning and of little if any redeeming public value. By definition, a hagiography treats its subject with undue reverence against history and in conflict with facts to serve some political agenda!

"Besides rehashing media reports on the Nov 2017 coup, especially published by the Zimbabwean media, Ndlovu's hagiography is mainly about untested fairytales told to him by Mnangagwa and two of his children with self-indulgent sprinkles from the likes of Justice Maphosa!"

President Mnangagwa was recently presented with the book with publishers celebrate as a reverting story that takes the reader into the corridors of power and stunningly explains 'mission impossible of Mnangagwa's rise.

Moyo further said, "Predictably Ndlovu's hagiography has many gratuitous and false entries about me. I may deal with them some other time or elsewhere; suffice to say he is very hostile to facts. For example, he lies that I was (Vice President Constantino) Chiwenga's neighbour in BORROWDALE BROOKE. News to me! It is outrageous for Ndlovu to to use his hagiography to claim that because of the "charm and wit" that Mnangagwa treated him to, he found it almost impossible to regard him as having been involved in Gukurahundi massacres and he views the "involvement" as media allegations!" Prof Moyo concluded his thread by accusing Ndlovu of sanitasing Mnangagwa role in the Gukurahundi massacre.

"Ray Ndlovu and Penguin Books SA must know that Gukurahundi genocide is not a bygone. Sanitising Mnangagwa's role in Gukurahundi atrocities through a sponsored hagiography will not fly. The consequences are too gory to hide!"

Source - Byo24News