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Mnangagwa must face Gukurahundi head on says Biographer

by Mandla Ndlovu
30 Oct 2018 at 19:50hrs | Views
Sunday Times Journalist and Author of President Mnangagwa's biography, Ray Ndlovu has urged Mnangagwa to face the Gukurahundi issue head on if he is to win the majority support of the people of Zimbabwe.

Speaking in an Interview on SABC's fullview Ndlovu says, " Gukurahundi is a question that's still needs to be resolved because its something that took place and affected the people of Matabeleland. You will recall the Mnangagwa was the State Security minister at the time and his hand is seen to very deep in the issue during the episode . This is one issue that continues to blight his Presidency. These issues continue to come up and he needs to take it head on if he is to win the majority support of the people of Zimbabwe."

The Interview drew the ire of his Chief critique Professor Jonathan Moyo who said, "On @SABCNewsOnline (Channel 404) @ray_ndlovu ran away from his indefensibe Mnangagwa fiction. Instead he said gukurahundi is Mnangagwa's "blight" & that there are "various versions" of Mnangagwa's Nov escape. Uh! None of this is in @ray_ndlovu's book. Trouble for @PenguinBooksSA!"

Another Twitter user Thula Sizwe weighed in saying," It's only here in Africa where people can get away with trying to trivialize a genocide or it's chief architects. Do that in Germany for example, over holocaust, you can actually get arrested for hate crime."

The book In the jaws of a Crocodile, has been drawing negative criticism from different quarters as it is viewed as an attempt by Ndlovu to rewrite history and project Mnangagwa as a saint without any link to the Mugabe Regime that lasted 37 years.

Responding to assertions by Ndlovu that Former President Mugabe joined ZANU leadership at Lancaster house, Journalist Nqaba Matshazi said, "Mugabe's entry into politics precedes both Zanla and Zanu. By the time of the Lancaster House talks, Mugabe was firmly at the helm of Zanu and didn't need parachuting. History is being (re-)written by the victors."

Source - Byo24News