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Mnangagwa divides Mutsvangwa family

by Mandla Ndlovu
31 Oct 2018 at 14:02hrs | Views
Factional politics of in ZANU PF  has divided Ambassador Chris Mutsvangwa and his wife Monica Mutsvangwa  forcing them to issue conflicting statements in regards to the current happenings in both government and the party.

Speaking to the private press over the weekend, Former Norton MP Mutsvangwa lashed out at the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Boss Dr. Mangudya for channeling all foreign currency to the Kuda Tagwirei led Sekunda. Mutsvangwa further claimed that the presidium was captured by Tagwirei who is buying favours to close gap for other fuel players who wants to come to the country.

Mutsvangwa claimed that , all the problems we have in Zimbabwe are because of the fuel cartel.

On the other hand, the wife of the Former Ambassador has been acting as the government spokesperson by virtue of her position as the Minister of Media, Publicity and Broadcasting. After very cabinet meeting Monica Mutsvangwa is given the mandate to call for a press briefing and brief the nation on the positive steps that the country is taking playing a role that analyst have called sanitising the coup mess .

South Africa based political Analyst Fortune Mlalazi said "Emmerson Mnangagwa is a politcal student of Robert Mugabe. Remember one of Mugabe s mastery was divide and rule. Political Mugabe used to divide and rule. Mnangagwa is simply following  Mugabe's footprints in diving the Team of Chris and Monica because he is aware that they can cause him headaches."

However Political activist Discent Bajila differs with Mlalazi and says "The President could only appoint 5 people from outside. They had to be people possessing a set of skills and links that are not available within the ZANU PF delegation to Parliament. It seems there is no set of skills or links that Chris has and no one else in Parliament had them. As for Monica, she is a PR MP for her home province of Manicaland. I think her election to Parliament and her appointment as Minister has nothing to do with who she is married to. She has her own set of skills that got her where she is today."

Source - Byo24News