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Zimbabwe courts are captured by cartels says Prosecutor General

by Mandla Ndlovu
01 Nov 2018 at 15:51hrs | Views
Acting Prosecutor General Kumbirai Hodzi has alleged that the justice system in Zimbabwe is captured by powerful cartels who include lawyers, media and powerful political figures.

Hodzi was speaking during the interviews to search for a substantive Prosecutor General on Thursday.

Said Hodzi, "The National Prosecuting Authority is captured by some corrupt elements. There are lawyers who are corrupt, they operate as a cartel we have intelligence on them.  We have identified the main characters and we are working on a dossier.

"We have identified a section of the NPA which was captured right up to the top. We are going to take brutal action because we are cutting off  cancer."

When Hodzi was questioned on his assertion that  the NPA had a dossier of 27 high profile cases, why were they not being set down for a hearing he said, "I get instructions from the executive for prosecutions to be done."

The Acting PG  said the cartel involves the media who deliberately plant stories to say that so and so will be arrested.

"The Cartels are so powerful to the extent they rival government. We have traced these cartels to high ranking political figures who appear untouchable. Documents were delivered to my office, it's a matter of life and death but I  am a fighter, I am innovative and creative in dealing with challenges I am not a mourner."

Hodzi was sworn in as Acting PG  after the dismissal of Former PG Ray Goba.

Source - Byo24News