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CIOs terrorise relatives of man who fingered Mnangagwa

by Mandla Ndlovu
03 Nov 2018 at 07:19hrs | Views
A Mthwakazi Republic Party (MRP) activist who was arrested after accusing President Mnangagwa of killing his parents is living in hell after dreaded state intelligence members have allegedly raided and traumatised his relatives in Nkayi demanding to know how his parents died.

In a statement released by the MRP Secretary for Security Mxolisi Mhlanga the Party said, "Four state security agents yesterday raided Wisdom Mkhwananzi's rural relatives at Nkayi Matebeleland North demanding to know the whereabouts of his parents and how they died. Mkhwananzi s relatives are reportedly living in great fear of the repeat of Gukurahundi.

"Wisdom Mkhwananzi was arrested during the Motlante led Commission in Bulawayo after testifying on the death of his parents in the hands of the notorious fifth brigade that killed an estimated 20000 civilians in Matabeleland and part of Midlands.

"This act of terrorizing Mkhwananzi's relatives is a clear indication that the military regime is prepared to silence any voice that seeks justice for Gukurahundi.
We urge the whole world to condemn this barbaric act and protect the victims of Gukurahundi. If this government had instituted a commission of inquiry into the genocide, none of this isolated targeting of victims would be happening. It is surely traumatizing for Mkhwananzi's relatives to terrorized by the same system that killed their own.

"In the place of terrorizing innocent victims, we urge this government to release the findings of the 1980s Chihambagwe Commission of inquiry into Gukurahundi.
Gukurahundi will not be swept under the carpet until justice is attained. Let s all keep demanding justice for the victims like Wisdom Mkhwananzi."

Mthwakazi Republic Party has always been in cat and mouse chase with the state agents since its formation  because of its radical stance that seek to create a separate state called Mthwakazi.

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