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Children of War Vets bay for Masiyiwa's blood

by Mandla Ndlovu
04 Nov 2018 at 03:04hrs | Views
Children of War Veterans Associations has came out guns blazing accusing Strive of corruption and manipulating shareholding of a number of companies in a dubious manner. Read the full open letter to Masiyiwa below:


(exposing Strive Masiiwa part 1 by Cde Munyaradzi Alexio Shoko)

Dear Strive Masiyiwa

Re:- Questions to Strive Masiyiwa concerning your business empire: -
As Children of war veterans (Cozwva) we find these and others questions to come unanswered as we try to expose corrupt and the evil part of yourself. Hope u will answer each of them. This is part (1)

1. What happened to a company called Mascom Zimbabwe into which u got other Local Investors to fund your vision? It turned out that the company was unregistered so u collapsed  every promoter/shareholder into TS Masiyiwa Holdings at shareholding proportions only u could explain??

2. Where did u Strive get the capital growth to dominate shares to other principals upon the licensing of Econet. How did u value the compensation for the so called loans u got from the likes of Ned Nedziwe, etc.

3. Documents show that Daniel Shumba had 25% in Mascom Zimbabwe which Strive unilaterally reduced to 10% in TS Masiyiwa Holdings and was equivalent to 6% in Econet. How did u and Pattison Temba manage to do this magical feat of fraudulently manipulating these figures. What details or misrepresentations were presented in the Econet IPO prospectus.

4. Who were the shareholders in Mascom or TS Masiyiwa Holdings at the time that Ericsson donated a   containerized Mobile Switch which was then installed in Wellowvale. Did the value accrue proportionally to u, or others.

5. How was the capital raising exercise done or structured with Old Mutual, First Mutual, and NSSA. What deals were cut behind the scenes. What was your (Strive's) role in the corrupt and fraudulent sale of Daniel Shumba's Econet shares to NSSA.

6. Which Econet shareholder led the initiative and sponsored the Mascom bid in Botswana. As soon as Mascom was shortlisted that shareholder was sidelined by u (Strive) and eventually got nothing from his sacrifices in unlocking the Botswana opportunity.

7. How did Jeffrey Mzvimbi earn 15% shares simultaneous with another shareholder equity being reduced by the same percentage. What authority gave u (Strive) such unilateral powers over what belonged to another.

8. What role did u (Strive) play with some parties at POTRAZ in blocking the business (TeleAccess) of a former business partner. Econet would not have seen the light of day had Daniel Shumba not injected money into it (for rent, salaries, legal fees, IT equipment and services).

9. Strive has been able to manipulate and corrupt the court system, the church (including individuals like Gono) today he has also captured Mnangagwa to further his greedy for money and power. He has a litany of failed relationships both at corporate, partners, and church. He does not hesitate to use money to undermine or punish a perceived threat. His giving to education and charity is part of his long term strategy of creating a base for his future political endeavors.

10. Strive u have a very long list and history of bitter former employees, former partners, former contractors, etc.  You are directly and indirectly active in controlling the gullible media in Zimbabwe and elsewhere.

11. Does u Strive know of the Reconstruction of State-Indebted Insolvent Act? Since u are sucking up to Mnangagwa s mantra, should Econet be placed under the  Reconstruction Order by the Minister of Justice. Can he justify why not??????.

I'm ready to expose u Strive. And this is just the beginning


Cde Munyaradzi Alexio Shoko
(Children of war veterens chairman 0775089990)

Source - Byo24News