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Shocking rot at ZBC exposed!

by Mandla Ndlovu
04 Nov 2018 at 10:54hrs | Views
The state owned Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corperation has for years been a home of corruption, nepotism and disregard of rule, we reveal today.

A high ranking insider source within the struggling State owned enterprise testified to this publication how the Chief Executive Officer Mr. Patrick Muvhura has been champion pro-corruption crusade at ZBC.

"There is too much rot happening in this place. You will recall that in the  In the 1980s a Credit and Savings union was created for and by ZBC employees. Former ZBC director of Marketing, Administration and Finance, Onias Gumbo, was the brains behind the establishment of an employee credit union where each employee would contribute some money every month.

"This credit and savings union saved up a lot of money which ended up being invested in property and stands across Zimbabwe.  The properties include Copper Queen, Dick King Didsbury, Sendton Court and Hartley House .Hartley house a block of flats that are situated in the avenues area of Harare.

"Mavhura is embroiled in a bid to take over Hartley house from Hatley House Residents Association of employees who have worked for ZBC since the 80s and had money deducted from their salaries to pay for the flats.

Mavhura has siphoned over US$ 300 000 from ZBC claiming that the money is for renovations , yet the work that has been done so far is nowhere near $5 000 , and the company that got the deal to renovate the flats is a company he is closely linked to and the process did not go to tender."

Mr Mavhura also misrepresented facts to the Minister of Information Monica Mutsvangwa when she went on a tour of ZBC.

"Most vehicles he showed her do not work and have not been functional in ages yet the board approved money for the purchase of vehicles and maintenance of existing ones. The mechanics meant to fix these vehicles spend the day sitting and playing draft because they did not receive any of the monies that were allocated to them.
We also heard that several bureau chiefs do not have laptops ,because ZBC has failed to purchase laptops for bureau chiefs yet they expect news regularly from all provinces."

Mavhura, a former soldier,  was acting CEO in November 2015 when the interviews for a substantive CEO were conducted he dismally flunked interviews conducted.

A former Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF) workshop manager, Mavhura came out number nine and seven in psychometric tests and assessment centre tests, respectively, but still got the job.

Source - Byo24News