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Mugabe's wealth exposed

by Mandla Ndlovu
04 Nov 2018 at 14:46hrs | Views
Robert Mugabe has always been a well-kept secret with no one knowing exactly how much the Mugabes are worth.  The only snippets has been the $1.35m diamond ring bought for Grace's wedding anniversary. This publication revisited a Wikileaks Cable published under code: 01HARARE2547_a and it shed light on the Mugabe's wealth.

We publish the cable below:

The full extent of president Mugabe's assets are  Unknown but are rumoured to exceed US$1 billion in Value, the majority of which are likely invested outside Zimbabwe.  Inside Zimbabwe, the bulk of Mugabe s assets are reported to be in the form of real property. He and his wife have six residences, including a multi-story mansion still under construction in Harare, in addition to a number of farms around the country.

Mugabe's nephew, Leo, is chairman of the integrated engineering group, a firm that received the multi-million dollar contract to build the new international  Terminal at Harare airport (the terminal opened to traffic in April 2001).  

We can only presume that Leo Mugabe made several million us dollars, at least, from the deal.

Mugabes are rumoured to Include everything from secret accounts in Switzerland, The channel islands, and the Bahamas to castles in Scotland.
Mugabe's associates.  Speaker of Parliament Mnangagwa, John Bredenkamp and Billy Rautenbach are known to be major beneficiaries of Zimbabwe s military contracts and mining concessions in the DRC, and they are presumed to channel some of that wealth to Mugabe.  

How much wealth is generated or held by these individuals is unknown.

Mnangagwa is the chairman of the First National Bank of Congo and likely has a stake in the bank s management contract with a Zimbabwean firm.  Bredenkamp's company  Tremalt is reported to have a 20 percent stake in the DRC mining parastatal Gecamines, which has granted substantial mining concessions to Zimbabwean companies controlled by Zanu-PF.

Source - Byo24News