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Lumumba saga: A 3rd ZANU PF faction emerges

by Mandla Ndlovu
06 Nov 2018 at 14:25hrs | Views
Factional politics in ZANU PF have taken an ugly twist with reports that a new faction led by embattled War Veterans Leader Chris Mutsvangwa has emerged. Mutsvangwa  wants to push General Constantino Chiwenga out so that he can be Vice President and that positions him a step closer to the Presidency, Bulawaya24 has learnt.

A Harare based Central Committee who spoke on position of anonymity because he is not sanctioned to speak to the media explained to us the  matrix involving the three factions in ZANU PF.

"Basically, there are three factions that have clearly  emerged in ZANU PF as we speak today." The member said.

"There is what I may call a Mnangagwa faction. This faction is composed of people who are hundred percent loyal to the President. Key members of this faction include the entire Youth League structure. If you were listening properly to the Youth League event that happened recently, the President and Cde Pupurai Togarepi praised VP (Kembo) Mohadi as the ultimate model or an unambitious  deputy.

"Within the Mnangagwa  faction you have a new faction that has emerged called the Mutsvangwa Faction. This faction is composed of people who are aligned to Ambassador Mutsvangwa and want him to be Vice President. A key figure I can mention is National Chairperson Cde. Oppah Muchinguri Kashiri.

"Also, within the Mnangagwa faction, there is a faction that is loyal to the President but is pro-General meaning they are anti Mutsvangwa.

"Then there is a faction called the Chiwenga faction. This a totally Chiwenga  faction that is anti Mnangagwa. This faction wants Chiwenga to take over from Mnangagwa and become the President. This faction has people like Headman Matemadanda  and the Commissar Rugeje. Chiwenga has also absorbed what used to be the Mugabe faction and the Mujuru faction under his wings.

"These are  the three factions that exist in ZANU PF and they members pledge undying loyalty to their principals be it Chiwenga, President or Chris.

"You have people like George Charamaba who are pro Mnangagwa but are now pushing against Chris Mutsvangwa's  plan to become Vice President and  in the process,  they seem to be in defence of Chiwenga,  but really what they are doing is to protect Mnangagwa from capture by Chris Mutsvangwa.

"Charamba comes with media heavy weights like Caesar Zvayi, Mabasa Sasa and Tazzen Mandizvidza who are fighting in Mnangagwa's corner at the same time seemingly fighting for Chiwenga to remain deputy President.

"The game that Chris is now playing is to amplify the work done by people like Charamba in fighting him so that it will look like they are not in Mnangagwa but in Chiwenga's corner.  

"The battle ground has shifted to the Ministry of Information because he who controls media is able to control the narrative and I would like to tell you that Chris is about to cause mayhem and havoc in ZANU PF and there is a very serious problem in ZANU PF."

ZANU PF has been embroiled in a nasty in fighting that saw Chris Mutsvangwa through his wife Monica capturing the Ministry of Finance and planting their hatchet man Acie Lumumba to deal with people that are opposed to Mutsvangwa s ambitions.  

Source - Byo24News