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2 more court cases for Magaya?

by Mandla Ndlovu
09 Nov 2018 at 09:25hrs | Views
Bulawayo based church Divine Kingdom Ministry has released a video on its Youtube channel where the Founder Pastor Ian Ndlovu is giving a Prophetic message urging Zimbabweans to pray for a prominent church leader in Zimbabwe concerning 3 court cases.

The video which was recorded on 30 September has created a speculation that Ndlovu is describing under fire Prophet Walter Magaya who was arrested recently over allegations that he claimed to possess a cure for HIV and cancer.

"There is a church leader who needs our prayers. He is a very prominent church leader in Zimbabwe. He has very determined and very powerful enemies," Ndlovu says.

"With the way I see things going, his ministry may be destabilised by his court cases. I see 3 court cases surface against him. To the tens of thousands of people who go to that Ministry my advice is they must institute a fast for this church leader because when the court cases start they will come like a whirlwind.

"God might have delayed some of these storms, but  they have not gone away. The legal system may sink him if we do not pray for him. Let us pray that whatever resolution is worked out through the legal system, let it be the resolution that will protect the work of God. In some of these court cases he will be directly called and in some he will be summoned together with others.  

"I urge the tens of thousands in that ministry to fast and pray that this matter is resolved this year because if it overlaps to next year it will become very complex legal issue."

Pastor Ian Ndlovu rose to prominence during the 2017 November coup days when he correctly prophesied the coup plot and its results.

Magaya is embroiled in a messy court case after being accused of unlawful distributing immune boosters which he tried to crush and flush when police were investigating him.

"Circumstances are that on 31 October 2018, the accused known as a prophet the Prophetic Healing and Healing Deliverance Ministries (PHD) made an advertisement on Yadah Television of Aguma Medicine which he claimed to be a cure for HIV/AIDS, cancer and other ailments.

"He further made claims that Aretha Medical and himself were the manufacturers of the Aguma medicine which he claimed can cure the abovementioned diseases.

"Verifications were made through the Medicines Control Authority of Zimbabwe and it was established that Aguma is not a registered medicine or drug in Zimbabwe. It was also established that neither Magaya nor Aretha Medical Company were authorised by the Health Professions Authority to carry out clinical tests on any human being to prove that Aguma can cure the aforementioned diseases thereby the accused committed an offence."

The charge sheet further reveals that on 31 October, a search was conducted at Magaya's Marlborough premises where unregistered prescription medicines, drug manufacturing, packaging machines and drug manufacturing raw materials were recovered.

"Just before the search, the accused persons destroyed some of the exhibits by flashing them in the office toilets and burning containers which were however, recovered half-burnt. Several Aguma sachets and other torn sachets were also recovered in an office bin next to the office call centre," the charge sheet further states.

Source - Byo24News