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Panic as military chopper lands in Jerera

by Staff reporter
11 Nov 2018 at 10:12hrs | Views
People at Jerera growth point and surrounding areas were thrown into jitters last Thursday after an army helicopter landed twice in the area.

Various leaders in Zaka confirmed that there was an army helicopter which landed but no one knew exactly the reason why it was there.

Most people in the country remain fearfully respectful of the army especially after the overthrow of Robert Mugabe last year, and the killing of at least six people in Harare on August 01.

When contacted for comment, Headquarter 4 Infantry Brigade public relations officer (PRO) Shelom Mudhara said he had no knowledge that a military helicopter had landed there.

"We do not know of any military helicopter landing in Zaka. There was no army business in Zaka which required a helicopter," said Mudhara.

However, Ward 19 councillor, Peter Imbayarwo confirmed an army helicopter landed once then took off, came back and land again before taking off for good.

"I saw the helicopter, it first landed near the booster hill and took off. It then went away and came back and landed at an open space near the police base," said Imbayarwo.

Zaka Central MP Davison Svuure corroborated Imbayarwo, saying he heard about the helicopter which landed in Jerera and one of the people on board was a local army officer.

"I heard that there was an army helicopter in Jerera and one of the people who were on board is from Madzivire area," said Svuure.

District Administrator (DA) Ndeya Nyede and Zaka Rural District Council (RDC) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) David Majaura all said they only heard about the helicopter but they did not see it and they did not know why it was in Zaka.

Some residents said the army wanted to establish a base in the Mutamba area while others said the army was there to enforce price controls.

Source - tellzim