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'Mnangagwa is a cruel killer' says Jonathan Moyo

by Mandla Ndlovu
11 Nov 2018 at 20:12hrs | Views
Exiled Professor Jonathan Moyo has described President Mnangagwa as a ruthless killer who threatened to separate his head from his neck after he exposed his plans to conduct a coup at a explosive politiburo meeting held in  2017.

Moyo was responding to interview questions from the United Kingdom based human Rights Lawyer Alex Magaisa.

"My considered judgment has always been that Mnangagwa is not presidential material. He is a very cruel person and his threat to separate my neck from my shoulders in the politburo and his boast that they used to separate necks from shoulders of comrades in Maputo is an example of extreme cruelty and barbarism. While he is clearly streetwise, he's not a statesman by any stretch of the imagination." Said Moyo.

"National and world leaders are well read people of letters. President Mugabe was and still is a man of letters. He is a well-read gentleman. I have always wondered whether Mnangagwa has ever read any book besides school and college textbooks he had to read as a student. You can tell whether a person reads books by their speech.People who read books are great speakers and great thinkers.Mnangagwa is not in this category.In any event, it cannot be right that a person who oversaw the CIO during the Gukurahundi days and the state of emergency when the CIO was a killing machine that used extreme torture methods can become a president of a constitutional democracy. It just cannot be. It is not surprising that it took a military coup for Mnangagwa to become president.He had no other path.It is also not a surprise that the same military stole the election for him. Again, he had no other path.

"I intend to detail these in my two books. What I can say for now is that, President Mugabe was told of fatalities by security organs the day he officiated his last state university graduation ceremony as Chancellor at Zimbabwe Open University during the coup on 17 November 2018. Otherwise, yes, there were fatalities and the truth will soon or later come out as it always does. Otherwise, it is not surprising that this information remains suppressed. People who to this day are suppressing the information on Gukurahundi fatalities cannot tell the truth about coup fatalities. There were fatalities on 1 August 2018 and shameless efforts were done to hide those fatalities by getting spineless medical doctors to try and falsify the cause of death from gun wounds to something else. But in the end the truth prevailed."

Prof. Moyo is suspected to be holed up in Kenya after fleeing a bloody coup that stopped 37 years of Robert Mugabs's rule.

Source - Byo24News