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'I created Mnangagwa and he dumped me' says student leader

by Mandla Ndlovu
14 Nov 2018 at 09:44hrs | Views
Student Leader Farai Mteliso is a bitter man after he allegedly pushed President Mnangagwa to contest former President Mugabe and organised meetings for him to address people only to have Mnangagwa throw him to the bin by not employing him.

Mteliso poured out his heart on Facebook in an emotional status on Wednesday.

"Those closer to President Mnangagwa  tell him that Farai Mteliso is bitter. After the journey we walked together and me telling him to contest Bob at some point and he refused out of fear or inappropriate time,( l would not know) he could not even get me even a job as a cleaner in his government?" asked Mteliso.

"A mere messenger to deliver messages or serving tea would be better. Just to acknowledge the pains we walked together. When he was being side-lined, l organised meetings for the constituency l led by that time, just to have him address people.

"His wife became a patron of an idea l had created of the female African students under the All Africa Students Union, the National symposium we used to organise for them to have mileage over others, ah asika."

Mteliso's ally Changamire T Mureja Mteliso added,"Farai it was always about them."

"You are right." Mteliso responded. "Remember you guys, Onesimo Shoko and team, organised a woman conference which gave glory to the Muchinguris and today, they are eating, they have forgotten"

"Just a thank you. l did not want anything amazing. As an unemployed graduate, just to make tea would be enough or do their lawn, as long as l put food on the table for my family, is all l wanted. l didn't mind taking my university education into improving the government lawn. l was prepared if it gives me sadza and cooking oil at the end of the month."

Source - Byo24News