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'1 August demo was planned by ZANU PF' says Mawarire

by Mandla Ndlovu
16 Nov 2018 at 12:21hrs | Views
National Patriotic Front Spokesman  Jealous Mawarire has alleged that the 1 August bloody demonstrations were a creation of ZANU PF and the protestors were ZANU PF members.

Said Mawarire, "The August 1 demonstrations, police and army reaction to the demo, were likely planned by the Junta hence the written communication that the army generals purport to have authorising the deployment of the army with live ammunition.

"If the demo was not planned by the junta and took them by surprise, where did they get the time to write letters to each other?  Is that normal when faced by an explosive, sudden eruption of violence? Chamisa is right disowning the Zanu-PF thugs used in the August 1 false demonstration."

Mawarire alleges that ZANU PF was afraid of real demos after the release of results by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission.

"It is clear the junta was very afraid of demonstrations  immediately after the release of the fake ZEC presidential elections hence it is not far-fetched that the August 1 demo was a junta pre-emptive gimmick, planned, executed and quashed by the junta to dissuade actual anti-junta protests

"Why is it that most, if not all the victims of the August 1 shooting, were people with nothing to do with the demo? (vendors and professionals who had knocked off work and were on their way home).  It is clear the junta had no plans killing its own demonstrators.

"It is naive (stupid) to think the junta, which abducted civil society activists to force them  to organise a fake popular uprising in support of the coup on Nov 18 2017 against President Mugabe, could not create fake pre-emptive anti-ZEC demo on August 1 2018.

"Not even one among those shot had a gun,  or even stones kana rekeni zvadzo yet clowns like Gabriel Chaibva  believe the protesters were armed.  All we saw were gory images of women shot at the back armed with nothing except handbags. Tinyareiwo vakomana."

The 1 August killings Commission of Inquiry led by South African former President Kgalema Motlanthe on Thursday wrote a letter to MDC Leader Nelson Chamisa inviting him to give his evidence after his name was mentioned as one of the people who incite people to demonstrate.

Source - Byo24News