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Wutawunashe petitions Trump over sanctions

by Mandla Ndlovu
16 Nov 2018 at 15:10hrs | Views

On Friday Family of God leader Reverend Andrew Wutawunashe in partnership with National Elders Forum today launched an anti-sanctions  initiative dubbed  Faith for the Nation Campaign.

The initiative which runs under the theme, 'A call to unburden a struggling nation' is derived from Isaiah 58 vs 6 which says Undo the heavy burdens, let the oppressed go free and break every yoke

Several church leaders, including Father Mukonori and political parties representatives attended the inaugural meeting.

They had a relief petition addressed to the United Kingdom, United States of America, European Union among others over the sanctions.

Part of the petition reads: We appeal to the respective governments that on the grounds of the human suffering caused by sanctions imposed on  Zimbabwe,  reconsider and withdraw all forms of sanctions imposed on the nation

We also appeal to the USA to repeal ZIDERA. In the same spirit of compassion for the poor, we furthermore appeal to all political parties in Zimbabwe to desist from employing calls for sanctions as a weapon of political contestation.

Making a speech during the launch Rev Wutawunashe said, "Sanctions are an unjust heavy burden, yoke and instrument of impoverishment, oppression and suffering targeted upon the innocent poor people of Zimbabwe.

"The devastating effects of these sanctions have thus been; catastrophic unemployment, poverty, disruption of health system and general economic stagnation.  Sanctions are an economic poison, causing capital flight, closure of lines of credit, businesses and industries, depletion of forex and deterrence of FDI

"We are gathered here as like-minded people to launch the Zimbabwe Unity and Sanctions Relief initiative. Our mission is to spearhead a determined campaign to lobby and appeal to the Western powers to withdraw these inhumane sanctions. We plead with Donald Trump to unconditionally withdraw all sanctions

"We plead with UK Prime Minister Theresa May and her parliament to remove this yoke of sanctions from the neck of the poor people of Zimbabwe and give us room to rebuild our nation and economy.

"We are calling upon the entire political class in Zimbabwe, all our politicians and political parties to unite in calling with one voice, for the removal of all forms of sanctions on us

"In fact, we challenge all political parties and politicians to be open signatories of the Zimbabwe sanctions relief petition. This is about the survival of our people not about politics

"As the church's and nation's elders, together with our stakeholders in this initiative, we call upon all our politicians to discard the call for sanctions as a weapon of domestic political leverage

"This gathering is apolitical and non-partisan. It is inspired by compassion for our suffering people. We cannot change our nation nor settle our disputes by cannibalizing the poor.

"Sanctions are akin to economically suicide-bombing our own nation. History and God will judge us severely if this continues."

Source - Byo24News