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Mnangagwa divides Ndebele chiefs?

by Mandla Ndlovu
17 Nov 2018 at 10:34hrs | Views
 A petition to President Emmerson Mnangagwa by Chief Vezi Maduna pleading with him to act on the marginalisation of Matabeleland and to set up a commission of inquiry into the Gukurahundi genocide has sharply divided Matabeleland chiefs.
Political activist Nothiwani Dlodlo said, "The following Chiefs are against Chief Vezi Maduna s petition to President Mnangagwa; Chief Mtshana, Chief Masendu, Chief Ngungumbane and Chief Siansale then the rest of Chiefs are 100% supportive."

Chief Vezi Maduna was reportedly  admitted at United Bulawayo Hospital on Friday when  his blood pressure shot up after getting frustrated by the  District Intelligence Officer for  Filabusi as Mr. Mlotshwa  who instructed the powerful Ndebele Chief to report to him every time he intends to leave Filabusi.

In a wide circulated letter  addressed to President Mnangagwa, Chief  Maduna Mafu  accused Mnangagwa of pushing a tribal agenda which has led to the economic marginalisation of the Matabeleland.

Said the Chief , "The issues that I want to discuss with you are: the secret issuance of 17 Mining Executive Prospecting Orders (EPO) which costs $20 per ha/year in Matabeleland South e.g. the EPO for Lithium which covers Shapi-Mashongola-Gwatemba in Guyu-Ntepe-crossing Tuli rivers, this means we have no land as chiefs for economic devolution which you proclaimed since all mining EPOs were given to Harare guys and considering precedence mining EPOs have over any activity in that area or land .

"Grabbing of prime agriculture land using fronts like (1) Trek at Maphisa (2) Schweppes as Zhobe Dam in Beitbridge. I have information whose interest these companies are serving as business fronts at the expense of the local people."

Chief Maduna also pointed out that the composition of senior public officials in the ministries of local government, information, energy, agriculture and the public service commission was a sign of tribalism at play.

"There is no one from Matabeleland, is that how the new dispensation treats Matabeleland people after years of suffering from 1981 to 1987 Ndebele Genocide (Gukurahundi)," he said.

This has been public talk in every Ndebele homestead, kindly find time to discuss with me and my delegation issues raised in this letter. To me it proves why you have been pushing for economic devolution knowingly that behind our back as chiefs you systematically and secretly took all strategic economic drives, sites and minerals in Matabeleland.

Source - Byo24News