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Mutumwa Mawere renews fight against ZANU PF

by Mandla Ndlovu
17 Nov 2018 at 12:07hrs | Views
South Africa based business tycoon  Mutumwa Mawere has renewed his 14 years fight against the government of ZANU PF that dispossessed him of his Shabanie Mashaba Mines in 2004 before issuing a warrant of arrest accusing him of externalisation of funds.

The charges were later dropped.

In a series of tweets Mawere  invited Zimbabwe and to join him in the crusade against what terms lack of rule of law in Zimbabwe.
"I must say I was blind to the need and urgency of pushing back against the government  of Zimbabwe's actors authoritarian impulses. Now that I am no longer blind, I am calling for principles over politics and ready to work with any one willing to protect the rule of law and freedom. Inbox if you are provoked

"The moment a reality exists operates permitting the President to effectively be part of the criminal investigation ecosystem you support the rule of law, then you  must distance yourself." Mawere said.

"Knowing what I now know about the abuse of public power, I can confidently state that, You can support certain thingsā€¦but there has just been too much undermining of the rule of law and the promise reality of constitutionalism by the very people entrusted to promote and protect it.

"If you are fed up with the way the govt has been and continues be undermined for political and personal expediency, and you want to be part of the promotion and protection of genuine constitutionalismā€¦please indicate your position.

"Like Mugabe, the mentor, President Mnangagwa under watch is taking centralizing power that should be democratized in a brazen unconstitutional manner. The rule of law when properly construed has to come first and politics must and ought to come second. If you are angry, inbox."

Mawere said it is time that Zimbabwe come together and use the constitution to fight the unjust practices done by the actors in government.
"What time is it in Zimbabwe? It is time for raising awareness that the glue that ought to hold us together must necessarily be a country founded on a Constitution, on the rule of law, and where the expectation of political actors to respect these values is not asking too much."

Mawere who was a victim of the Reconstruction of State-Indebted Insolvent Companies Act (known as the Mawere Law) has been joined by Air Zimbabwe and Hwange colliery who have also been put under the Reconstruction program but the other shareholders are not agreeing with the government on the action.

Source - Byo24News