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Prophecy:Chiwenga-Mnangagwa fight to destabilise the nation

by Mandla Ndlovu
19 Nov 2018 at 09:55hrs | Views
A prominent based pastor of the Devine Kingdom Ministry Ian Ndlovu has issued a chilling prophecy on what will happen to Zimbabwe if the faction aligned to Vice President Constantino Chiwenga takes power away from President Mnangagwa.

Speaking in a parable during a service held at his church recently, Ndlovu warned that those that want to grab power after Mnangagwa has won the elections, they risk having their actions backfiring.

We publish the unedited prophecy below:

I want to speak a parable. I grew up in the rural areas as I normally tell you. We used to go to hunt for game meat in the bush. Sometimes when a dog catches something we would take it away from its mouth and we would hit the dog. We would chase away the dog and give it bones after eating all the meat.

 The Holy Spirit is saying as a nation we must not do that. It may lead to very serious conflict. It may lead to more chaos than what we can bargain for as a nation. The Spirit  is saying  it may backfire very badly for us as a nation we must not do that.

Sometimes the dog does not look intelligent but it can run faster than you.  With your intelligence you can not catch any animal do you know that? I am speaking in parables. The dog looks very dull and does things that look stupid or appear to be short-sighted but it has got certain things which it is able to do which you are not able to do.

There is something which is taking place or about to take place in this nation which is very dangerous. Some people like to play with fire.
I remember when I was growing up my dog caught a rabbit and when I tried to take the rabbit from its mouth it left the rabbit and bit me. The Holy Spirit is telling me than in Zimbabwe there are people who are about to do that and it will backfire very badly for them.

Recently there were reports that Vice President Constantino Chiwenga is alleged demanding President Mnangagwa to resign from the Presidency in 2022 so that he can assume the leadership of the country and of the Party pending his substantial endorsement at the plebiscite pencilled for 2023.

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