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Zimbabweans rob,rape and kill South Africans?

by Mandla Ndlovu
19 Nov 2018 at 10:35hrs | Views
There are unconfirmed reports that people speaking Shona language are terrorising people in neighbouring South Africa in a bid  to rob, rape and kill them.

Twitter whistleblower who use the name Man's Not Barry Roux  recently wrote that, "There s a group of thugs speaking Shona  terrorizing Citizens by placing sharp objects, nails to cause punctures/accidents so that they can rob, rape and kill them between Nyl and Kranskop Tollgates. They operate on the heavy duty vehicle scale near Polokwane."

The statement generated interest from twitter users who confirmed the issue being true.

Freddy Tshikala said, "Last week Saturday I attended a funeral in Limpopo. He lost his life in that very same road through same modus operandi. He died with his 2 sons and his younger brother. One family buried 4 people that day. Saddest funeral I have ever attended."

"The very same Shona speaking guys or their fellow countrymen used to terrorize households around Giyani during the wee hours of the morning. We called them Plasma gangs, since their aim to break in was to steal plasma tvs in most instances."Owen mafukele added.

Lebza , a Twitter user called for a stronger system to trace undocumented people who are resident in South Africa.

"I have been saying this for some time now. Can we please trace those that are coming in, know their movements so that when the 90 days visit ends we can tell where they are. There is a lot of illegal and undocumented people who are up to no good in the country.

"I would not be surprised if this is the same syndicate that rob Intercape or other Joburg bound buses from Zimbabwe. Crime should not be condoned whether the culprits are South African, or from Czechoslovakia like Radovan Krejcir, the Guptas, or Zimbabwean."

Source - Byo24News